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  1. You've missed a ton of Mechs from Mage

  2. United in Stormwind right before Deadmines

  3. Next time you win a Relic DH mirror, decide - either add your opponent to trash talk him or do one push-up. It's up to you, but one option would work better.

  4. You aren't the person I was responding to but thanks for your input. I was hoping to gain some more insight into this specific incident.

  5. Irrespective of the female angle, The fact remains that he acted in self defence. Wasn't the police at the crime scene later on? Weren't there witnesses around, who could corroborate that the man was indeed acting in self defence and not premeditated?

  6. he's going to get off on this one I think

  7. With "Stand your ground" denied it's unlikely that he gets off.

  8. I honestly thought you were a bot

  9. Auto-include in Uldum Quest Druid.

  10. If you went back in time and showed Angsty Rhapsody to a classic player, their head would explode.

  11. It's an unreliable 5 mana Tamsin without rifts and HP

  12. I believe they already know what they do with Palestinians.

  13. This is the worst miniset of my recollection. So many duds, so few playable cards. The legendaries especially are just awful.

  14. For an example of the dunning Kruger effect, just look in the mirror...dude.

  15. I love how you talked about Dunning-Kruger effect while having no idea what you're talking about.

  16. It took me a good five seconds of thinking, "Why would you Earth Shock your own Twilight Drake?"

  17. It's not about winning, it's about sending a message.

  18. If they're swaying away from Scholomance pairings, Warlock can only go with Mage and Rogue. Leaving Druid with Priest and Demon Hunter.

  19. This doesn’t go into the deathstalker rexxar pool, alas.

  20. I remember back in Brode era that he/some other dev said that expansions are usually worked out in advance, something like 2-3 sets ahead of what is already being released.

  21. Play Dead came out next year (Whispers vs KFT)

  22. [[Double Cross]] is already not a good Secret. Team 5 somehow made it even worse than that because a random 3-drop is not good at all.

  23. The main goal of running earth shock was silence, not damage. I’d much rather play 1 mana silence than 2. Shaman also had spell damage in decks to amplify earth shock. In any case, earth shock helped shaman with his game plan, in rogue first 3 turns are crucial and being reactive is harmful for the game plan. After those, you’ll have access to deadly shots which are better

  24. in what circumstance would you ever want to both silence AND deal damage to a minion lmao

  25. This is better than Peasant, because Tutoring 1 is better than Drawing 1, since that lets one get specific cards that their deck is built around rather than fishing aimlessly off the top of their deck.

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