1. I’m a student, but NSW won’t accept my application for a student card because I live too close

  2. That's why there's a school term pass you can buy for $55 per term instead

  3. No. On a nice day it's totally fine to be topless pretty much anywhere, even inside a shopping centre.

  4. I flick between Smooth, WSFM and Triple M the majority of the time. 2DAY had something going for it a year or so ago when they started playing late 90s/early 2000s throwbacks, but last I heard they'd gone back to a shit playlist again.

  5. Yes, operated by the NSW Housing Commission?

  6. Sounds like bullshit, and another excuse for these companies to dip into public funds

  7. Obviously the new signage will require a full 8 week training course in how to choose a safe location to deploy the camera and signage, legal training, de-escalation training, OH&S...add fold-out signage to the mix and it'll be a 16 week course (obviously for OH&S reasons - don't want fingers to get jammed in the hinge mechanism!).

  8. It's usually a 15 minute grace period

  9. that's fuckin timstar? lmfao actual joke of a human

  10. To be honest It’s a complex question and while I can’t speak for everyone there’s three main schools of thought between us. You’ve put up the two extreme examples and neither of those descriptions are drivers that are going to be there for long.

  11. Yeah, the circles on a Venn diagram of 'blatant fare evasion' and 'shit cunt blasting shitty music from their phone at full blast' definitely overlap significantly.

  12. Flight paths cover a whole bunch of the Sydney region. You need to do a lot of low altitude scanning in order to capture the 3D imagery, so that's probably why they only have 3D imagery of the area north-east of the airport between the north-south and east-west flight paths. Anywhere under a flight path is probably a no-go zone for their planes, so there would be a discontinuity around those areas which probably makes Google think it's not worth capturing anywhere further out into the suburbs.

  13. Analysing the look and feel of the material/printing on documents to gauge their authenticity is quite important, so it makes sense that they don't accept laminated identity documents, especially in this day and age where ID theft is pretty rife and anyone can make a forgery using Photoshop.

  14. Architects and other NIMBYs pissing and moaning about this sort of thing is a big motivator behind why Sydney's road signage is so derided by many as inadequate compared to other cities. Go to Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, and they have much larger and more frequent overhead signage gantries, to guide motorists well in advance to their turn-off.

  15. I'm pretty sure I was taught about menstruation and what women use to deal with it in sex ed at school, but I think I was having too hard a time suppressing giggles to actually remember anything.

  16. Yeah, usually they've been replaced with a brand that serves as Woolies generic shit low price brand, but is not Woolworths branded to make you feel like you're getting a great deal on branded merchandise and aren't a poor cunt (i.e. Aldi's business model).

  17. I was in the hospital triage area a few years ago and the lady next to me was talking to a case worker (or similar person) and she was asked if she ever smokes weed. The lady answered "no, I'd never put that into my body". Then the next question was about drugs, she said she did cocaine regularly. My nurse and I had a good chuckle about it.

  18. Would you like a little whiskey, ma'am?

  19. Illegal to display p/l plates if you're fully licensed. Nothing says you can't just stay on your provisional license though, I imagine you just keep renewing it and completing the appropriate tests?

  20. I doubt that it's actually illegal to display L or P plates as a full licence holder...otherwise every single driving instructor would be getting booked. Most of the driving schools' cars have L plates permanently affixed to their cars as part of their branding (e.g. LTRENT)

  21. I was never the bounce-off-the-walls type when I was in school (perhaps Mum smacking me whenever I did that as a toddler did that), but I used to make detailed drawings and read completely unrelated books to what the class was doing as a kid/teenager. Probably the same kind of deal..

  22. The people going faster than you may be running late, in a hurry due to an emergency, or whatever. Loads of people habitually speed every day, but people often end up in those situations even if they plan things and leave on time because of anxiety about being late.

  23. An interesting way of advertising the trades and their association, also a shoutout to Yagoona Westfields development! Not sure where that is today though.

  24. lol, it's the decrepit Foodworks + shops on Hume Hwy

  25. The massive irony of City of Sydney throwing a fit over Telstra converting their existing phone booths to billboards, burning bridges with JCDecaux as revenge for partnering with Telstra and putting perfectly good street furniture to landfill as a result...only for City of Sydney to turn around and allow the installation of these.

  26. One of the few times that I will agree with Harold Scruby

  27. Harold "national speed limit 5km/h" Scruby

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