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  1. here is my entire chat conversation with Fidelity about this:

  2. Thanks! I think this was super important to those who have shares in Vanguard, but also just those still stuck with brokers. This whole thing took me over 2 hours to compile. I work in a law firm, so I am very thorough.

  3. you may reference the codes that were used to classify the splivy in your inquiries.

  4. IMO the price matters for apes to be able to buy more whole shares 😘

  5. Pushed hard with a sprinkling of sticky floor hate, on the contrary, sticky floor is getting pushed hard on youtube. With the recent news articles blaming the Chinese stocks of vvsb, many of the regulars were up and arms about the slander. Many are saying Bunk, Douche, and Distant is the GME 2.0 and RC is getting positive feedback there, so I'm not complaining.

  6. popcorn is getting pushed hard because of their $APE divvy.

  7. This is what happens when you try to DRS before the T+2 settlement. If you purchased shares and tried to DRS the very same day or the next day the same share you purchased, it will be reversed because of the settlement date. You have to wait 2 days. You can check the settlement activity.

  8. thank you for increasing awareness of this

  9. Holy shit--my comment made it into a post!

  10. thank you for inspiring me to dig into it 😘

  11. 💗💕❣️😍♥️🥰😘👌🥲

  12. halts just give institutions time to adjust algos to maximize profits

  13. it will be hilarious when they turn off the buy button again.

  14. you tell 'em bernie! you a ⭐️!

  15. DRS is the recall. Through the DTC’s rules, GameStop cannot withdraw their shares. HOWEVER, every time retail direct registers their shares, they ARE withdrawing them from the DTC. I know this is old news, the point is that retail must do what GameStop can’t.

  16. but can they change exchanges? that NASDAQ lookin' pretty sexy these days.

  17. but can they change exchanges? that NASDAQ lookin' pretty sexy these days.

  18. Korean ants are not a scam. But someone used it to forum slide for karma/fud. Korean ants are real.

  19. and respected by real apes

  20. I can't speak for anyone else but I'm OP and I assure you I'm high as shit right now

  21. shit can get pretty high

  22. $40 is the historical pre-splivvy resistance at $160 so I figure breaking through that the second premarket opened is noteworthy, considering all the crazy news last week that is definitely going to continue into this week.

  23. a week ago exponential guy said he'd consider his dorito officially broken with a market close above $162. That's $40.50 post splivy.

  24. What I want to know is whether any spin-off from GME necessarily must be traded on any specific exchange. Becaues a GME-Entertainment spin-off with the securities getting issued on a blockchain exchange is more likely to happen than GME removing itself from the NYSE.

  25. can GME just move to NASDAQ?

  26. I buy both, and then register what I buy from my broker. Auto pull out 100$ every check to throw into purple circles

  27. i want to keep a few shares in each of my brokers just to have tattle leverage

  28. Cmon, at least write a plausible trust me bro. I mean they are all bullshit but this one is weak

  29. i love bedtime stories from apes 😘

  30. I got downvoted for saying it presplit but this is why I left a chunk of shares to DRS post split in fidelity! It's the ultimate hedgie nut shot!

  31. i left some in to expose fuckery. i'm going to drs 100% of my GME, then buy a few shares in a few brokers so i have a legit reason to tattle when they crime some more.

  32. As I understand it, you can do the process thru chat as well.

  33. You can DRS through Fidelity chat.

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