[Postgame Thread] Tennessee Defeats Alabama 52-49

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  1. Hermione telling Harry (HBP) that he is attracting extra interest from the girls because of all the buzz about him being the chosen one. And Harry replying "but I am the chosen one" and Hermione's eye roll.

  2. The entirety of the Felix Felicis scene is gold, something you can't really get from a page.

  3. It's different in the books. He doesn't originally drink all of it because he saves some for Hermione, Ron, and Ginny while he's gone with Dumbledore. The whole description of Slughorn's regarding taking it in excess (at least in the book) is played out in the movie, though.

  4. Right, I just meant Daniel Radcliffe's performance

  5. Confederation* and why would they join UEFA? The only way I see the US playing in a different confederation is with Conmebol and the most I could see happen is the 2 confederations merging (concacaf and CONMEBOL of course)

  6. This is the best answer. Bring on the CONCAENEMBOLCAF

  7. I can remember scaring the shit out of my wife and our dog on the first goal of the Ghana match. Wife was bringing out some snack food for the game and before she got out of the kitchen we were up 1-0.

  8. For most people it’s the one between them being 15 and 25.

  9. What a waste at the end what the fuck???

  10. Only thing I can think is it was a specific play and didn't work out, don't understand it. Put it in the damn box and hope something happens.

  11. Anyone know how these things were advertised? People keep saying Fyre Festival 2.0 but in those situations we saw the ads vs what people actually got. Just curious what they thought they were getting for the price?

  12. We need someone better than Gregg at the helm

  13. OMG save it. We're already at the world cup.

  14. You seriously ok with those subs? This was just a bad coaching job. Don't settle for just making it here

  15. My point is bitching about it right now is pointless because it's not gonna change during the world cup. After we get through this then it'll be time to evaluate it all.

  16. Didn’t the Browns demolish Burrow and the Bengals the game before lol?

  17. Yup, destroy Bengals, go on bye, get destroyed. Classic.

  18. I would have loved to see Eddie end up with Janice and become a recurring character.

  19. I'd like to see Malfoy have more depth, flesh out more about why he is how he is. Less of a caricature villain.

  20. Same here! Would love to see a bit of backstory for him.

  21. In the later books we do see more of his parents which informs things but also hard to do when they are all in Harry's POV.

  22. I like 2:39:1 the most but really my biggest concern is that the aspect ratio doesn't change, so I can set my projector to fill the screen for the entire movie.

  23. This is the best, but crazy shit like this happens regularly. 3 goal leads are not safe

  24. Leeds game this morning was just as wild without the extra time and PKs of course

  25. Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna checks every fucking box I have apparently. Holy shit.

  26. Time to burrow burrow in the bench and give the backup some reps

  27. Yeah, nothing to gain by sticking him out there with Myles and Clowney looking for a tasty sack

  28. You’re welcome lads. I went in to watch Black Adam during the time the game was playing, didn’t once look at the score.

  29. What happened? I left and psu had the lead in the 4th

  30. They bang into other silverware from the water pressure, dulls the edge.

  31. That’s not a trip. He planted his own foot and Allen fell over him.

  32. Sorry to read that you're blind, but you should look into replacing whoever is describing the game to you.

  33. Don't lump us all in, fuck Watson. Hope he never plays for us and Jimmy sells the team.

  34. I have nothing I could possibly say or contribute. This is one of the greatest, if not THETM greatest, college football games I've ever watched.

  35. Bit of recency bias there, fantastic game but Clemson beating Bama in Championship game was something else. Texas v USC in the championship, so many amazing games over the years with way higher stakes.

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