1. Warm, damp conditions = lots of nice rotting organic matter = shit loads of flies.

  2. It's gorgeous, but it looks like it could cut you in half with its judgey stare alone.

  3. Kids are fucking stupid, of that there is no doubt. But equally true is the fact the stupidest fucking kids have the stupidest fucking parents.

  4. Productivity gains over the last 50 years are crazy and so often overlooked.

  5. he said adulteration, which is different from adultery.

  6. Gotta love pedantic specifity. And I'm not even being sarcastic.

  7. Do you know, it felt wrong when I typed it but I was too lazy to double check.

  8. Lol, post marked NSFW, but this ad was on bus stops here!

  9. It's not gridiron so no, it is not allowed.

  10. I have never used Twitter, so this is the easiest decision ever.

  11. There are different levels to each, but basically:

  12. I guess just saying USA is a bit of a generalisation on my part - but I've heard several content creators complain about the standards of their roads, especially in LA. I've only been to LA and San Diego and drove everywhere and the roads seemed more than fine, if a bit concretey on the freeways...

  13. There's also that bit about being constructed and maintained to earthquake standards.

  14. There was a bit we drove on, I think between LA and San Diego and it was like 5 lanes on both sides, with a paid toll road of 3 or 4 lanes (again, both directions) on the inside of the freeway. There was a bit where a few roads merged and I think it got up to 10 lanes wide in one direction, excluding the toll road. So much road!

  15. I watched it 3 times and I have no idea what she said to him...

  16. "Like that? You think I would get her if I did that, tho? You think I got a chance, tho? Like, be for real"

  17. Thank you! I got 'chance' and 'her', but that was about it!

  18. I think the 'wounded' category is misleading as it assumes 1:3 ratio for killed to wounded, we believe now its closer to 1:1. Also some wounded returned to combat

  19. True, unfortunately the wounded Russians do get better and return to the field.

  20. Play to much command and conquer red alert.. Tanks just pop out ready to go.

  21. I loved that game! Just mine your tiberium and you're good. No trade embargoes, not worrying about inequality of technology / training levels. Just build quick, build a big force and attack lol

  22. (Nope, on caffeine l, but thanks for asking.)

  23. Men generally don't have boobs where I'm from. But as a fellow man, I'd say if you're considering a sports bra then you've already got too much tiddy.

  24. While it's obviously a PR move for Johnson he continues to do the right thing when it comes to Ukraine.

  25. He's an absolute tool, but he's not wrong.

  26. Who benefited from Brexit besides Putin and some rich people?

  27. Johnson is wrong on almost everything. He is a moron and a horrible, awful person and Brexit was a shit show. A divided Europe is a weak Europe which ends with power grabs by monsters like Putin.

  28. Lol, looks like it's got a skull tattooed on its abdomen!

  29. Seems Russian air force has decided to start flying more lately and having about the same success rate in getting shot down. 2 planes and 4 helicopters, 3 UAVs is a really bad day for the Russians! Guessing in east where they have a suicidal urge to take Bakhmut no matter what the cost. Personnel losses again high.

  30. And there I was getting excited about a boat yesterday...!

  31. Has anyone proposed the idea that all Russia can achieve in this war of theirs is to create a large strip of uninhabited land between themselves and Ukraine, like the demilitarised zone between South Korea and DPR Korea?

  32. All those vaccine skeptics who said our dna would be altered, that we'd get sick, that we'd be microchipped... Do they still believe that stuff after billions of doses have been administered?

  33. Millions of people have been vaccinated against measles, but this does not prevent them from believing in the danger of the measles vaccine and making a comeback of an almost eradicated disease possible

  34. True, good point. I just can't comprehend their level of stupid sometimes.

  35. Huge losses are so common place now, I only get really excited when I see unusual losses like boats and planes.

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