1. Yea I’m absolutely not hating what so ever . Jus pointing out the vast diff of this strain vs others certified has . More machine trim loom , where this is hand trimmed

  2. No worries, didn't take your comment as hate. I agree about it having a less machine trimmed look. So far I've had this and the Arnie P #2 from Certified. Any can't miss strains I should check out by them?

  3. Dirty lil secret , greasy Runtz , pink certz , rpo, lemon Runtz , regular Runtz , jungle fire , concrete jungle gelato mintz ,kush face , wedding punch , and designer Runtz I have individually all tried and loved . Maybe a few were lol dry , so what . But overall, great products by certified

  4. I think you smoked it all before posting this because it doesn’t make sense.

  5. Without a doubt. I've been in the program for over 3 years and the sad thing is I swear klutch was the best of the best. I picked up sunset runtz today and I can't lie the buzz is good but it just has that taste of mold. Sometime last year I remember they started using a radiation machine then after that they went to shit.

  6. The bud box is the future of Ohio program unfortunately. A lot of companies are using them before they even test now because they can only turn so much failed product into distillate that will sit in their vaults...

  7. So we are all employees or new to the progrum. I’ve been in Three years and I have to say for plant material I would put Ohio up against anyone. I mean, come on, lot of these guys using seeds with great genetics, it was only gonna be a matter of time before they figured it out. This is the best quality for the lowest price than any other time that I’ve been in the progrum.

  8. Grabbed the artifact yesterday in the same strain went back for the smaller today. Super quality strain perfect cure. I like the cross but would love to see just a straight G13 and a straight White widow. The nose is a little weak but great effects from this one. I’m all about bringing in the late 90’s early 2000’s strains to the program. This is a great start though..

  9. Agree on all of this. Hopefully more cultivators start to bring back those old school genetics.

  10. Agreed, some of these newer strains just don't seem to hit like the old school genetics.

  11. So I haven't smoked any of this for about 5 or so days while I've been enjoying other strains. And Holy freaking cow, yes. I am literally smacked right now. Like, this is how I used to feel 15 years or so ago when these types of genetics were more prominent. Absolutely loving this strain atm, feel like it is truly the best stuff I've had in our program.

  12. Same. I’m thinking it’s because we don’t seem to get a ton of artifact jars down in the SW which is where they really shine, their regular tenths in bags don’t seem too amazing. I’ve gotten multiple brown/larfy, mid smelling regular tenths from them. But any artifact is usually fire.

  13. I totally agree that the artifacts are much better than the tenth bags. Had some Soap in a bag though that had nice chunky nugs and on par with artifact quality. Can't imagine how loud it must be in an artifact...

  14. Yea the soap is nice. Would like to get an artifact half oz

  15. Hank’s Bully is a top tier episode and if you disagree you have dusty old bones, full of green dust.

  16. Robots probably has my favorite smell. Funky and loud.

  17. Yeah after sitting with my jar for a day I’m still super impressed with this one if not even more then I was yesterday. This one is actually sticky! The effects, the taste… damn it’s good. I don’t have any experience with white widow from years ago (my guy used to have train wreck and I still chase that taste and smell) although I wish I had because this is really something special. Where it really stands out is the effects. My initial thoughts on opening the jar was that it was lacking bag appeal, I read somthing a few years back that said Girl Scout Cookies was so popular prevalent that it changed the way weed looks permanently. I think the color and structure on this one is a result of it’s old school linage. Very happy I got two jars

  18. I understand the obsession with a particular strain. For me, it was chasing the first few real encounters I had with Lemon G. I've had it supposedly in the program and from a dude who has been growing it for at least 20 years, from a clone from his dad. But I have never found it. Galenas EPBC comes close but still, I cannot replicate. I can remember Train Wreck circa 2005 and man, what a spectacle that was. I understand why this strain matters to you. Also, I am jealous I didn't get 2 jars of this Valkyrie. Between the effects, nose, taste and old school genetics, this one is an absolute gem.

  19. I fell in love with KOTH rather quickly, I was stuck in the hospital for a very long time (don’t worry I’m 100% physically healthy, I was in there for non physical reasons) I genuinely enjoyed the voice of everyone, something about Hank just soothed me and made me laugh. The show kept me good company and gave me something to be excited for, that 1 hour it’d play on adult swim every night, which in the hospital, there wasn’t much of anything to look forward too, except discharge day. I loved pretty much all the cast and episodes, and to this day I’m just grateful I had KOTH by my side during those darker days. Dale’s probably my favorite

  20. I know how you feel. I had a Season 6 DVD of American Dad that got me through some of my darkest days

  21. So I was 11 when KOTH first came out. This was a time before Family Guy and South Park. I was heavily into the Sinpsons at this time and don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love those first 10-15 seasons or so, even as a 36 year old man. I only bring The Simpsons up to help set my frame of mind at the time.

  22. Yes, still beautiful. They also have the same exact properties as mined opals, so....

  23. It took me 5 years after the series had ended to give it another chance and watch it only to realize how amazing it was.

  24. I enjoyed this one as well! Galenas has been killin' it lately. $25/tenth too? Geeesshhhh

  25. I would def recommend looking at as many videos and shit you can. I heard Mr. Canucks on YouTube is good

  26. This looks amazing. I wish this would be the reboot as I would also pay good money to see this.

  27. A red pickup truck races over a dirt road. Inside, two and a half men sit in nervous silence.

  28. Best thing I've read and the trailer is the best thing I've seen today on reddit. I can close the app and enjoy my day now. Thank you.

  29. Omg! Over 5% total terps?!? That's CRAZY for Ohio. Even my artifact of this only had a little over 4%, which I thought was still really impressive. Wow, enjoy dude🤙

  30. Strictly dry herb vaporization like any good, compliant Ohio medical patient should be doing

  31. Freaking love the cheesy aroma on this one. Effects are also top notch. Jealous of the artifact as mine was some regulars. Still really chonky buds!

  32. Thanks to your review, I searched some menus and found a jar at Amplify Columbus. Got for 20% off so $73otd. Posted a review a few hours ago. Have to say, I am really enjoying this one. It's like some old school WW!

  33. Yes! WR Strawberry Cheesecake is such a great flower. With that being said, one flower instantly comes to mind and that is Blueberry Muffin by Certified. Similar flavor profile and similar effects with the BM being a little more "stoney" imo.

  34. This is probably the most iconic line in the show that casual watchers wouldn't pick up on.

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