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  1. That time they airdropped m&Ms and the parachute broke creating a scatter bomb of candy when it the ground.

  2. I haven't watched wrestling in a long time, but I would throw money at this all day long. Mexico vs Japan 6 man elimination tag would be insane to watch.

  3. I'm 36 and I think I still count as a millennial lol

  4. The iron sheik is coming to show some jabronis how is done.

  5. What do you want your brand to bring to bkfc and what do you want bkfc to bring to you.

  6. This is a very underrated response.

  7. it was nice being in on the joke and not being the butt of the joke.

  8. Calm down people, it's a comic convention, if they want to cosplay as a relevant act then let them it's the perfect place to pretend to be something your not.

  9. i guess you save 2% in tax. I just renewed because I don't want to mess with re-registering my cultivation. They claim there is job protections with the med card, but in a right to work state where cannabis is federally illegal, I have no idea how that would be.

  10. Just to clarify, even though they tried, Missouri is not a “right to work” state.

  11. One starts at 6 the next is at 8. Seems doable

  12. if you get the whole set, invest in an actual blacklight, get like a $10 shop light fixture and the bulbs separate, they are (or used to be 20 years ago) mad cheaper that way. The LED's are cool, but the old school neon tube blacklights really make shit pop.

  13. I'm 36 and still watch the winamp visualizer

  14. I just got the same one, here's hoping we have a grand tumbling adventure.

  15. Any benefit of this version compared to CD?

  16. It's mixed to 5.1 surround sound instead of stereo

  17. its actually pretty good, i haven’t watched it but my boyfriend has and he loved it.

  18. I'm midway through part 2, it grows on ya, good cast, fun stories.

  19. I ask myself that everyday.

  20. Well shouts going out from one i-town ant to another!

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