1. I’ll never forget my son asking for apples and there was just no way I could get them. I stood there and cried. I only had $7 and needed to feed all 4 of us for 2 days. Just terrible this is a thing that people in the richest country in the world have to deal with.

  2. We aren't the richest country in the world, not even in the top 10.

  3. Imagine being happy enough to take someone’s brand new car from them because of weed and then brag about it on Facebook. They are not here for us and are just bullies in uniform.

  4. Follow the law and it wouldn't happen! Would it, criminals?

  5. ER Winnie The Pooh or the animal from Sesame ST?

  6. Don't listen to this guy's nonsense and get yourself deactivated, and in trouble!!

  7. I wish I had a buddy like that to come and fuc cheer me up

  8. Only someone can't afford something complains! JS

  9. Thanks bro... Just got some sweet all white Vans for $45 down from $80 after taxes!!!!

  10. Yeah I did the joke wrong accidently, appreciate it!

  11. Can I get his digits? I'm not gay BTW!

  12. Let’s guess what happened here... You called a roofer… Or better yet, maybe he came to your door telling you that your area has been effected by wind damage. Turns out, you did have a little bit of damage. So went up on your roof and decided to create some more damage. Why? So you would file your claim thinking you needed a whole new roof instead of a repaired roof. If he got away with it, he’d be walking around with a lot more cash in his pocket. Insurance companies are well aware of this scam and they are looking out for it.

  13. BINGO! Lock thread and let's go home.

  14. Nope. There are far, far more entitled people on this sub

  15. Is he in the right tho? Yes he is!

  16. LOCK OF THE EVENING!: Bucks ML 8.5/10 Confidence


  18. Easily won yesterday's LOCK OF THE EVENING taking the Bucks ML


  20. Dallas, Texas 6'2, Blue Eyes, Blonde Hair, I'll knock you up

  21. Christian McCaffrey, "The King" Derrick Henry, JT "The Bust", Ezekiel Elliott, Dobbins, Nuk, Olave, Dulcich, Parsons

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