1. I think you missing that charge first and than melee killing him, cancel each other out so the tea bagging was unfounded.

  2. I just looked it up, you cant bayonet charge mortars. They are considered vehicles and drivers in vehicles cant be bayonet charged. So I could never have actually bayoneted him.

  3. Funny kill, but I don't understand the mortar hate. Mortar truck, yes, Mortar, not so much. It often doesn't kill, and makes you extremely vulnerable if you want to use it in a good position.

  4. This guy had killed me a few times with the mortar already. Usually if you don’t just camp I’m fine with it, but that guy had been just sitting there.

  5. Thanks :) For the arrowheads with four prongs the top point makes a decent "iron sight." For the arrowheads with only two prongs like the ones I was using here you just have to imagine there's a prong on top. :P You can see me doing it in the first shot: at first I put the top of the arrow where I want it to land, but then I adjust it down as I picture the top point in my mind. I also made sure to take the shot at 40m, the default zero for the bow.

  6. Thanks for the tips! Im on xbox which makes it a bit harder too lol

  7. this goes unbelievably hard as an album covet

  8. The Titanic is narrow enough it should be relatively easy to display on a regular sized shelf. It's the width of this thing that make it harder to display. This is based on seeing the finished models at a LEGO store - sadly I don't have either.

  9. Yea this is about 2 feet wide. It’s extremely thick

  10. 1/3rd Australian cattle dog, 1/4 german shepherd and the rest is husky, golden retriever and rat terrier.

  11. This is the reload animation the M30 driller should have gotten in BFV

  12. Definitely. My favorite reload animation in the game.

  13. tiger brutally mauls poor woman to death

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