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  1. The mental gymnastics to go from a winking nft to “BBBY moon” are…impressive. (Is that the right word?)

  2. What about from winking Teddy in a Gamestop NFT, to Teddy trademarks filed by RC listing children's retailer items and media NFTs?

  3. Do I really have to list it though? RC was interested in BBBY, bought a position, placed people on the board, continued in a cooperative agreement with the board even though selling his position, filed TEDDY trademarks the same time as he sold his position, trademarks which look like a list of BBBY and BABY products (and includes the addition of NFTs to authenticate them), has said he doesn't want to start a new company from the ground up, and has said children (TEDDY) and animals (CHEWY) must be protected.

  4. ok, what % of darkpool we have today?

  5. So the sudden increase in available shares means a bunch of shorts found a way to not just exit but close. And the dropping CTB and low volume is because of all that.

  6. I think price action is way too small for that and it doesn't look like a steady rise

  7. By "too quiet," I really meant, the big players. Nothing lately from bbby, RC's last tweet was March 9, BI's last one was over a month ago. LC's last one was a week ago. The press not banging on anything. No new filings or board changes.

  8. Yeah i see what you mean, all quiet officially except for weird surprise filings

  9. So let's say there is a dividend that will be distributed ("BABY") to shareholders, am I understanding correctly that there would be a different / another date of record in the near future for holders of common shares?

  10. For point 3, it's important to note GME fiscal year ended on January 28, 2023. BBBY filed the 424BS on February 6th which is GME's first quarter. The deal between the HBC and BBBY was done in GME's first fiscal quarter. Therefore, the info would be in their next Form 10-Q.

  11. Just a correction, August 2022 is when RC Ventures sold, not bought or published the letter (that was March)

  12. If you're counting on the Chairman of another company, why not just invest in that company instead?

  13. Are you serious? That is actually nonsensical. Because it's a totally different play.

  14. Baby stroller, baby carrier, baby mat, baby bottles... all on the Teddy site Oct 2020.

  15. In his interview he said he didn’t want to build a company from scratch again, so makes more sense to buy buybuybaby

  16. He did say that, the question is if that sentiment really changed upon his interaction with the BBBY board. I still think he's buying/bought BABY but yes I know it's not the only possibility

  17. What is the source of this table? It appears formatted like an SEC filing, but is it from a filing?

  18. “we anticipate breakeven cash flow by Q4.”

  19. Yeah, anticipation is an expectation, not a guarantee. If we all just say "echo chamber" and "shifting goalposts" 5x fast, the ghost of bbby_meltdown will appear in the mirror and troll us forever.

  20. After today's 10K from Gamestop I feel validated for not buying BBBY yesterday. I'm holding off for now.

  21. That's fine. I'll be honest, I don't give a shit about Gamestop and Ryan Cohen. Unless he/they buy BABY and turn it into TEDDY and/or GMERICA etc. Then I might change my mind ;)

  22. BBBY isn't going bankrupt. What about that one?

  23. They've made it into a lottery that only the rich people win over and over again.

  24. Note the ones who are EXTREMELY EXCITED AND CAN'T BREATHE 🚀🚀🚀 when the stock goes up 10 cents probably fall under situation/suspect "B"

  25. You are pretty much right on, except for the part where you said "their luck is about to run out." Nah. Just like in 2008, a few people will be thrown under the bus, that's it. The upper echelon of finance, economics, politics, and society in general are not going to all go away when there is another market crash.

  26. If this is done right, there will be no more banks or wall st. This is way more than a market crash. Most people just don’t know that yet.

  27. Cannot wait until we are no longer bobbing around 4 c lol

  28. You definitely prefer losing your shit over 10c increases

  29. Tis the little things in life. Gotta love a green day

  30. They still have hundreds of millions of shares to dump after reverse split. It's worse than 10 to 1 by considerable margins. Also, those warrants all become exercisable after a reverse split. They aren't price adjusted as far as I can tell. Indicating it may have been designed this way.

  31. That is not worse than the worst case scenario I outlined in the first paragraph, wherein I said we lose everything we put in.

  32. The day the world discovered Rich people are simply cheaters, and money isn't fair to humanity.

  33. so all my calls are gonna turn into lottery tickets after the RS right

  34. Short explanation on why a merger announcement (or spinoff and sell) will be coming this week. There is always a possibility that it might not, but if it doesn't, BBBY is going a totally different route.

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