We Don’t Need More Heroes (9/11 Thoughts)

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. You don’t. Workday means you don’t want to work there.

  2. Actually in the picture there is an OEM Glock magazine and two OEM extractors.

  3. Flying home. I may be living at the AUS airport until Thursday.

  4. Just drive slow and you’ll be fine.

  5. Let's put this developmentally disabled, nonverbal person into the general prison population

  6. Who said prison? That’s not what happens for a first offense non-aggravated DV, especially with a mental state that likely avoids culpability.

  7. The ER isn’t the entry point if they keep sending her home.

  8. There is no hygiene problem in doing so. Plenty of religious rules being broken, though, but it's your choice if you care about it or not.

  9. My question is, what if it had been such a costly mistake that they decided to let people go? 🤔

  10. Then OPs Malicious compliance in addition to the incompetent choices of the owners would have cost people their jobs.

  11. OP isn’t responsible for a third party mismanaging their business, and keeping people employed at mismanaged companies doesn’t trump safety.

  12. New York’s version of Florida’s law: “Don’t Say Gang”

  13. This is not what their God compels them to do... Theocracy means the government is taking advantage of faith, not the other way around.

  14. The same faith that doesn’t voice their dissent?

  15. And recent elections where candidates are chosen/approved by the reigning power/clergy?

  16. Yeah, fuck the first amendment, and the second… and all the rest of them!

  17. What grease do you use? This is my first 1911 platform style pistol so I’m honestly really just learning the platform before it comes an option for EDC.

  18. I use battleborn, but any lighter gun grease will work.

  19. You’re getting what you paid for - tickets. You’ll get them the day before the event, which was probably disclosed in the fine print of the purchase. There’s nothing for Usaa to fix here.

  20. Even if Gametime didn’t say you wouldn’t get the tickets until 24 hours before the show? That’s the same situation I’m in and I wouldn’t have brought my tickets if that was the case.

  21. If that’s in their terms, yes. You bought the ticket, they allocated it and will assign pre-show.

  22. Bro I don't work for the swedish government. But, like why the are you asking a guy from Switzerland why he wants a Swiss cartridge over an American obe, it's pretty obvious for various reasons including legal one.

  23. You don’t believe they can/do import US ammo?

  24. Just a little background flair to try and make some interesting photos. And that is my goth purse, I don't know you!

  25. Great taste. Have mine beside me waiting to get on the plane.

  26. So what happened to good guys with guns defending their own property when the cops just show up and shoot without warning?

  27. When they showed up he was firing INTO the house from the outside.

  28. Sure, but they didn't even give him a chance, they just unloaded after a half spoken warning.

  29. My $15 Dec 23 calls have a chance… :)

  30. You work for yourself. Ask your boss (you).

  31. Put you over the Platinum/Pro threshold?

  32. Get on rotation where you’re through that port regularly and you can have a regular doc.

  33. I don’t know anything about it but are these cruise liners always running and operational? Like is there ever a time when the ship needs to be empty for maintenance or between voyages or whatever? I dunno anything about them

  34. Sure, but that's all planned, and you just switch to a different route/ship. You live out of a suitcase.

  35. I'm guessing when you switch from .357 to .38, you open the cylinder to unload/reload? Is the cylinder hard to OPEN at all vs hard to rotate when closed?

  36. Man, that screams something about the cylinder/rod interaction. When it won’t rotate, if you pull it back towards the grip again will it rotate easier?

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