1. Iโ€™d maybe suggest the NFCU Flagship Rewards

  2. So you don't think Citi Simplicity or Citi Double Cash or any of the other multitude of options would be better?

  3. Any platformers like Super Mario on this list that anyone would suggest?

  4. I want to sign up but last couple times the person has just given me Amazon gift cards. I'd rather someone give me something they truly enjoyed or think I would enjoy based on my likes

  5. To give another perspective. I was a pixel user since the first iteration and had one up to my beloved p4. Didn't need a new one with the p5 came out as my Pixel 4 was working fine. Skipped the p6 cause of the size. Then back in February I made the move to s22 due to size and wanting to try something different. Hated the experience so last month I bought a p7 and traded in my S22. The p7 is a little bigger than I wanted but I really like it and glad to have the pixel experience back.

  6. I can't remember but on Kawsone are PayPal and/or Amex ok?

  7. You're a wizard, and you're a wizard, and you're a wizard, everyone is a Wizzzzzzzard!!!!!

  8. OP, how did you pick the Kanetsugu Zuiun SPG2 with sheath for?

  9. Anyone still interested? Still looking for people.

  10. I play weird games like phasmophobia and 7 days to die on PC and my switch. I like the pew pews and survival/build type games. How about you?

  11. I have a switch and an Xbox One but I mainly play video games on the switch since it's portable. I like all Mario games but I have a ton of games. I would need to look to list them all. I've been playing Splatoon 3 lately since it just came out.

  12. Ordered it on Verizon website. Says Backordered til 10/28 but it's on sale now with free shipping so I save a couple bucks. Don't think the Google Store will get it sooner. I do feel weird ordering from Verizon and I'm not a customer of theirs

  13. Ahh nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Yea I ordered a clear Spigen case which came with a 30 w charger for free. I do have FiOS so I might order it from there. Thanks for the info.

  14. I saw that special, did the charger include the cable? Only other accessories I ordered were the 2nd gen Pixel Stand (had used the first gen and really liked it) and a 30w charger and cable)

  15. As someone who was born and grew up in Gwinnett county, it is a lot different then when I went to school here. I don't currently have any kids but if I did, I would definitely think twice before sending them to any school here. I excelled in school and am thankful for what I was taught and what I have accomplished thanks to my teachers and administrators at the Gwinnett schools I attended.

  16. OP, hate to be the one, but the phone number for the guy in the flyer is missing a number.

  17. Good luck everyone. This is a great looking watch.

  18. I had been a loyal pixel user from the beginning and needed a new phone when the p6 dropped but it was much too big so I went with Samsung s22 base version. I hate it and will switch to pixel 7 if the size is decent. I'll also probably get the watch too.

  19. On my last cruise (before COVID) I won the blackjack tournament for $1500 then later on in the week I won the jackpot BINGO for $5000. My parents, who were with me, were speechless. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  20. My dad was in the Navy and he said that most places require the tug boat captain to take the cruise ships in and out the channels even if the captain of the cruise ship can easily do it themselves.

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