1. So basically it works fine, but randomly half of the sign will turn off for a few minutes and then it'll randomly turn back on. Otherwise it looks like all the tubes are fine.....

  2. Looks like it’s got two ballasts/power supply’s. One of them is failing and needs to be replaced. Find out which one it is by checking which faulty tubes it’s connected to, and replace it. You can find a replacement ballast on eBay. Just make sure it has the same voltage is the same or greater than the one it has on currently. Also make sure it’s unplugged when you switch them out and make sure all wires are properly insulated before plugging it in.

  3. Is this something i can do without tools/soldering?

  4. Yes! Follow the cables/wiring, and it’ll end at an end of the neon tube. That tube and cable will be covered by a rubber boot. Remove that boot, and separate the cable from the neon tube. Do that to both cables coming from the defective ballast, and put a new one on the same way you took it off. Just make sure the sign is UNPLUGGED.

  5. Not really, you would Just have to find a new neon transformer with the same voltage your current one has. It’s a pretty simple switch anyone can do. eBay probably has some, just search eBay for a neon transformer

  6. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it better, that would be appreciated. We built this at work for us. It was made to fit the same cart that we use for our oven. According to my coworker, we have to build a separate cart for the paint. He said we can’t use coat and then bake with the same oven, since according to him, “the paint on the cart pops inside the oven, and stains the items being baked. Is this true ? I’ve seen a few videos and everyone seems to use the same cart for both coating and baking

  7. I’ve see powder coated surfaces that get baked over and over start to crack. I guess it could contaminate your parts with debris but probably not very often would be my guess.

  8. You think you can send me a picture of the cart you use ? So i can build something similar

  9. Hey guys! So about a year ago, my pops opened up a new shop dedicated to powder coating and making metal lattices (not sure if that’s how you say it in English, I put some examples in the last pictures). We’ve had bad luck with poor management, and bad jobs. Our oven (first pic, left side) doesn’t heat up evenly. Some of our jobs have came out half cooked, and half raw (paint chips off). The paint booth a contractor built for us (first pic, right side) has no extractor for the powder being sprayed. Our wash area, is a mess.

  10. I have more or less the same as you, but they gave me 20mg tab per day. I feel like I should be on your mg 🥲

  11. Hey guys! So I got a technics mk2 , Marantz 2270, and some wharfedale lintons. When I play the turntable, the bass shakes like crazy, even when no music is being played yet. It doesn’t do it on the Node, nor on the cassette deck. Just on the turntable. When k switch the terminal cables on the receiver, then it switches to the other speaker. So I’m not sure if it’s the receiver, or the turntable at fault here. Any help is appreciated !

  12. Did you switch speakers to make sure it's the receiver? I would do that first, then clean the pots.

  13. Yea I did, still same problem. I’m gonna clean the pots tomorrow and learn off YouTube, let’s see how it goes !

  14. YouTube has got me extremely confused, some videos say to use this and to use that. I’m afraid at this point lol

  15. dayyum boooie! thats real sweet.

  16. Strange to see the REC and PLAY pairs split up like that. I can understand your confusion- though if you had done many of them, it would still be clear what to connect to what. It's just strange.

  17. It's definitely worth it. I have the Klipsch RP 600M, and they're actually really good. ...if you pay 300-ish$ for them. I regret buying them after I built the Encore XL-S for slightly more than that, 50$?) Better in every way. Though to be honest, they both need a sub, but the Encores need a better sub than the 600M. Why? because they're lighter, brighter (not in harsh way), more detailed by a stretch, and with faster response: so the sub should be at least that good with fast response. My PSB Sub Zero subwoofers barely keep up. They're old version Alpha- great for their time, but not up to snuff with the X-LS Encore)

  18. Thanks for the info, I’ve definitely been thinking about the Critons. Looks like fun

  19. I'm a sign-guy as well! Nice work!

  20. Thanks! It was a bit of a challenge to find it - it's sold out in most of the places

  21. I think the Audio Technica LP120xUSB, I can’t really make out the text on the turntable. I have the LP140XP which is very similar that also is out of stock everywhere but managed to find it

  22. -Jet's private boat tours - we did Quimixto waterfall hike, snorkeling at Los Arcos and had lunch in Las Animas. The boat pulled up to shore and we jumped out onto the beach and walked right into the restaurant. Felt like we were in a

  23. The waterfall hike sounds badass.. where can I sign up for that? I go to Puerto Vallarta in 2 days

  24. No the presale literally isn’t anything. There’s no advantage. Everyone has the same exact link.

  25. I’m on the general admission page, but it’s asking for a code. Didn’t receive anything. Anyone know the code ?

  26. Side note, can anyone tell me where I can find that single shot carrier I see most 1301s with the aridus handguard have ?

  27. As someone who lives and works in Mexicali, should I be worried about these guys ?

  28. Only if you’re a rival cartel member. I live in Mexicali also.

  29. You think you can give me a breakdown of what exactly is going on in our city ? In terms of cartel/plazas . I get hella confused here & i don’t even know what going on in my own home

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