1. guuuuys stop cheating in minecraft, it's triiiggeriiiiing meeeeee🥺🥺🥺 /s

  2. if I look away for a second it means I saw SOMETHING wtf does this even mean?

  3. SOMETHING is a name for black shit with one eye that Omori/Sunny hallucinates

  4. How many of these words did *you* understand?

  5. everything but the boomerbeast or whatevers written there

  6. sigh at least not a plural endo system with 200202+ dsmp alters

  7. Rage-bait… again. It’s like you just want to fall for every obvious troll out there. Like your brain-cell craves failure and humiliation

  8. bruh why does every single one of them have sh scars? did they run away from the mental hospital together or some shit?

  9. ah yes, f e m a l e s, not girls, f e m a l e s

  10. A more non-binary or less specific subreddit would work better. Giant ones like r.trans could also provide more answers.

  11. Im an asexual girl and i agree. The aro-ace community keep pushing the idea that 13 years old, who haven't been through puberty and clearly does not understand attraction, may label themselves asexual. This is harmful in so many ways, which i will copy paste a comment i made in another sub since im lazy to type them all again, lol

  12. is being aro/ace/aroace actually disordered?? /genq

  13. idk how is it considered genocide in their eyes. it just means that there are no illnesses in a perfect world, so trans men would be born cis men, trans women as cis women, disabled people wouldn't be disabled, nd people would be nt...

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