1. That they would let the man on the right continue is absolutely absurd.

  2. On the one hand I think they should just end it. OTOH, a lot of good people who had nothing to do with Roiland’s bullshit would be out of a job.

  3. Stupid people really think he was doing shit to kids...your all blind and believe everything.

  4. I guess he’d be the first massively wealthy public figure to be acquitted.

  5. He kinda reminds me of a giant water bear with fur. Very cute.

  6. They can't even watch a sporting event.

  7. The problem with sporting events on tv is that they’re stuffed with political ads. They’re making politicized attack ads and mud slinging harder to ignore.

  8. If that’s by the rule then they need to change the rule. That’s so pathetic.

  9. If that’s not a catch then wtf are we doing here?

  10. I wonder if Casey’s excellent fielding at 3rd will keep Luciano at SS in the future?

  11. I’d be surprised if Luciano ever plays SS in the major leagues, not just because he’s projected to switch to a corner OF spot, but also because of his recent back injury. His bat is what’s important, and I’d think the club might be able to more easily protect his back in the OF. SS requires a lot of awkward twisting, stretching, and throwing.

  12. I also feel like not having to have him develop as a shortstop would help him get up to the majors sooner because he can focus much more on his hitting

  13. He would definitely advance sooner as a corner OF

  14. There are an unacceptable amount of people in jail and on death row for crimes they didn’t commit. That’s a cold hard fact of the justice system, and this system will not self correct. It requires an incredible effort to get this system to admit when it has made a mistake.

  15. So I’m assuming it’s Chisholm at SS, Segura at 2B, and Arraez at 1B or DH?

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