1. Of course it's possible to have a blind, meritorious admission standard. All that has to be considered is gpa and sat/act scores. Everything else from extracurricular activities to an essay really don't indicate future success at college. It's nice you were on the football team, in the school play and part of 4-H or some other civic activity. It doesn't indicate whether you will pass freshman English or college algebra. Your GPA and test scores are a much better indicator and those don't require any knowledge of the race or ethnicity of the applicant.

  2. None of the Covid restrictions were based in science and all of them have been proven useless from lockdowns to masks to the jab.

  3. Yes, but WW1 ended in November 1918.

  4. I would assume that either the event was planned before the armistice was announced or they went forward with the tobacco drive to benefit returning soldiers after the armistice.

  5. Ally has time for a threesome, she has time to chase Alex around and apparently she runs what one would imagine is a busy bakery. Her kid, who knows where he is.

  6. Yep, next time we get a glimpse of Henry, he'll be driving.

  7. He'll be driving and he'll knock up one of Lani's girls. Then Marlena will be a great great grandmother at the age of 72.

  8. He knew that ATF agents who had participated in the Waco siege were in there, he had some general idea where he was going to leave the bomb.

  9. Were they from Oklahoma? I guess I don't remember that from back in the day.

  10. No? Were the 9/11 hijackers from New York? He had a handful of targets picked out and choose the Murrah seemingly because it had ATF agents who participated in the Waco siege inside. There's no denying that he had a level of knowledge about the building, the uncertainty here is if he knew it well enough to know about the daycare.

  11. Your attempt at sarcasm is pathetic. That said, so far as I can tell McVeigh had never been inside the OKC Federal building so it's entirely plausible that he had no idea there was a daycare inside. It's not like people could pull that information up on their phones in 1995. Ultimately it doesn't matter to me if he knew or not. His intent was to kill innocent people and it really doesn't matter to me what the age of those people are.

  12. This is basic nuclear family stuff. It's what ever husband wants and it's what most wives would prefer.

  13. I have 2nd hand embarrassment for her. What happened to people's sense of shame or pride? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  14. Everything DeSantis does is cause for the left to bloody lose their minds over and to misrepresent. They fear him in a way they no longer fear Trump.

  15. Please, no more Abifail. I can't stand her. We need more badies, not more goodie two shoes.

  16. He does go to CA with her a lot. This last time he left CO early from the ski trip and flew to CA to be with her and they flew home to TN together.

  17. Right, so why do people seem to think there's some sort of issue between them? It makes no sense. What does make sense is that she might be trying to get some acting gigs in Hollywood, heck he might be trying to get some Hollywood jobs or he may be trying to expand his musical fan base in so cal. I wouldn't be shocked if these two split time between the two. There are entertainment jobs in Cali and tax benefits in Tennessee.

  18. I totally agree with you on all of that. I don’t know why people think there is an issue either because they are together all the time and if they want to split time between CA and TN there is nothing wrong with that. I think as well she is probably trying to get acting jobs out there.

  19. Agreed. Plus it's warm out there and both of them may prefer that in the winter compared to the colder weather in Tennessee. I just don't see any issue here other than people projecting their hatred of Lawson onto her and/or coming up with anti-fan fiction and convincing themselves it's true.

  20. The people after this Beast character are major league arseholes. What next, are they going to attack farmers for profiting off of hunger? Where does it stop?

  21. It did take a bit of mental gymnastics in my opinion to make Imran the "baddie" in that storyline. Then he gets murdered and his killer gets away with it? Poor Imran.

  22. He wasn't a goodie but to get killed off by his nutbag wife was a bit much. Especially when she got away with it.

  23. It's just the hoops the writers made us go through to try and make us feel sorry for Abi. She gave birth to Alfie drunk and high, kidnapped Toyah on her wedding day, and had a history of abusing drugs when she was meant to be looking after Seb and the twins. Imran didn't need to make anything up in the first place, there was no way the courts would've sided with Abi over him and Toyah.

  24. The Abi storyline was completely ridiculous and there's no court in the world that would have sided with her over Imran.

  25. I'm a Republican. I won't vote for Trump. Not only will I not vote for him, I'll sit out the entire election. I don't trust a party that nominates someone who has acted like an absolute fool since he lost. I'm done with the lack of seriousness from my side. I'm hardly the only one, Trump will lose if he's the nominee.

  26. Transphobia is bs made up term, just like homophobia and cis. It's utter nonsense, meant only to belittle and diminish anyone who dares question the wisdom of the lgbt political movement.

  27. I'm replying to this comment as it sits at 10 karma. Not exactly lighting the world on fire, but wow does it speak volumes that the balance of this sub would generally favor absolute drivel like this. "transphobia and homophobia are nonsense, and were only invented to belittle people for political beliefs". I guess "racist" is another such term, and the actual hatred or fear based on race doesn't actually exist either. Anyone beginning to understand why this sub appears to be anti-LGBT?

  28. If the term were "blackphobia" I might suggest the same. As it stands racism has been reduced by the left to mean anything they want it to mean. It actually means hatred of others based on race, it's been reduced to timeliness, objective thought and spelling words correctly. I oppose real racism, I have no tolerance for people who hate others based on qualities they cannot change such as the color of their skin.

  29. You can use the term Christian. Catholics and Protestants are both Christian, and there isn't a significant protestant population in the South to make up a significant voter block.

  30. There is a massive divide in Ireland, the troubles are quickly returning. Also, it wasn't clear if we were talking about the republic or the north.

  31. Let’s hope so, then the IRA will finally take up arms again and hopefully establish the socialist republic that Connolly originally fought and died for.

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