1. Just picked up 1000 more. Almost cut my average in half. Couldn't resist.

  2. I'd really love a green dildorino. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  3. Mullens assets exceed their mc and debt. If they can start selling the vehicles in Europe (which in the grand scheme of things won't be a huge deal, especially with all of the other projects in the pipeline) and get the vans going they should be able to keep the ball rolling. That sounds 👍

  4. It’s real easy. I bought a Nano Ledger and they will help you do it within an hour or two.

  5. One post its pumpers, the other one it’s FUDsters.. sometimes wish yall would shut the hell up

  6. I agree. Someone said they were still waiting to drive the car. Hopefully they got the chance and can give us feedback. There are still 2 more stops so they can tune it up a bit. Either way he showed and brought a sexy car. Many people doubted that would happen.

  7. Stupid is as stupid does. 1.00 average and I'm riding this train regardless of where it goes. Hopefully the moon or even better Uranus. If I ever make it up your way we're going to hang brother.

  8. That’s why we’re Reddit best buddies moon

  9. I'm going to try this too. I've been looking for packages that you can see into at least a little bit. I can't find any. If I do it on the same package as you how will I know when it's ready to fruit if I can't see what's inside? Just by squeezing?

  10. Holding 15k shares @ $0.85 down 70% still happy what I have 💪

  11. 20k @ 1.00. Buy order in for another 10k if it hits .30. I'll keep buying all the way down. I definitely won't miss the bottom this way.

  12. To everyone saying under the right conditions they could make blah blah blah and so on It still makes no fucking sense Buying the calls with the same date at a 0.5 strike had an as of .3 so basically overpaying 33% for a call that’s 10x the strike price makes no sense at all

  13. Why you taking it personally? Your options lol? The person who bought them is straight up stupid

  14. Well I certainly didn't. How many people did? I'm not that stupid. I just buy high and sell low. Lol. I always liked walruses.

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