1. Motherfucker got a peace prize for talking about peace before he was even inaugurated. Shut the fuck up.

  2. I don't really see what that has to do with anything Obama did. That's like if the Oscars tossed me best actor, like thanks I guess but I didn't do anything

  3. I'm glad y'all are degrading the meaning of the word Emily like y'all did woke

  4. It's the third largest river, by discharge volume, in North America and was central to European exploration of the continent. Who, in Canada or the US, hasn't heard of the St. Lawrence river?

  5. I can name every US state and every south American, asian, or EU country on a map, but I couldn't point to this river before this post.

  6. I would assume this pic is at high tide and they didn't just plan on flooding the first floor every day from the get go, but idk

  7. It is still a careful dance/negotiation/charade. My son complained that the community college swore courses would transfer seamlessly only to have the admin office of the later university balk and hem-haw about details about the transfer. Much of the money he saved in junior college was pissed away due to rejected courses.

  8. Colleges just reject shit randomly, I had 9 AP credits with a 4/5 or higher going into my freshman year. Only 4 counted for anything

  9. Most of them do publish what they're going to accept in terms of scores if anything

  10. Right, a 3/5 is technically passing in high school, but many colleges only count 4+'s. However they don't tell you that a US History AP credits won't cover US History course credits at the college for example.

  11. There are an estimated 200 million Christians in the US, you mean to tell me all of them are hate filled bigots?

  12. What percent of those do you think would be chill with their child being in a homosexual or interracial relationship?

  13. Roughly 60% from the statistics I've read.

  14. There's a difference between expecting society to accept them and accepting that your child is one.

  15. Nah, if dad murdered or crippled him that'd be fucked but I have 0 sympathy watching a dude who tried to steal a kid's bike from the other side of a wall get beat up. That's not just a really shitty thing to steal, but breaking and entering. Bruises, broken bones, shame, the humiliation of being totally physically dominated while being objectively in the wrong might make him think twice before trying that again. Vigilante thief ass-beatings probably do more to reduce crime than prisons and the justice system.

  16. Or it just makes him find a gun for next time.

  17. Actually, i read on reddit and watched on Bread Tube that bad things are right wing, so if a regime genocides it is automatically right wing

  18. What is bread tube? People keep telling me I watch it but I've never heard of it

  19. A loose community of creators on youtube such as Second Thoughts, Contra Points, Vaush, Hasan Abi etc that produce leftist content.

  20. It would really take the whole regime collapsing and possibly the breakup of the entire country.

  21. Or just a moderate leader who wants to get on the wests good side.

  22. I would really like to see that happen, but how do you get a moderate leader into that system?

  23. This is the biggest loss in the latest movies, IMO. Peter’s mechanical craftiness is instrumental. At least into the Spiderverse got it good.

  24. Right, it feels like Tom Holland's biggest power is buddying up with Iron man

  25. We know that their space program is still operational and until recently the only way to get astronauts to the ISS. There's no reason to believe their ICBMs are in worse state than the Soyuz program.

  26. Don't most rely on Tritium, which has a 13 year half life? If Russia was starved of Tritium would they still have a nuclear arsenal?

  27. Western Europe and the US evolved together it's hard to say the culture only moved in one direction. Pretty sure the Beatles and Abba were big influences on US music too.

  28. I'd say the English speaking world evolved together, I don't think I have ever seen a German or French TV show or listened to any of their music (besides 99 red balloons and the too much for zblock song).

  29. I'd put it this way: those countries and cultures have influenced the english speaking cultures and vice versa. You might not be familiar with it, but there are bits and pieces everywhere. The anglosphere was never isolated.

  30. Right I understand that, then in the mid 1900's the anglosphere took what they had gathered and boosted off into the sunset for cultural domination.

  31. Well, one's opinion on extreme libleft being evil or not depends on whether or not their business got burnt down by BLM rioters.

  32. I'm pretty sure every other quadrant has killed quite a few people, in like the last 5 years.

  33. The worst that can happen to a radical is a pearson from the same quadrant who wants to have a diaoluge with the "enemy". Dangerous, because he might acknowledge their humanity.

  34. going by that logic I rekon we deserve two grand prix here in Australia. Today the tickets went on sale at 10am and all the Sunday tickets got sold out by 5:30pm (so lucky I managed to buy a ticket). 2nd most attended GP in 2022 as well.

  35. What logic makes the US and Australia equal? It has like 1/15 the population of the USA.

  36. Really love how you defaulted to "i listen to x" instead of assuming we think for ourselves. Freudian slip am I right?

  37. What if I told you it is, in fact, possible to get your news from a source that isn't on the far end of either spectrum

  38. I'd agree with you, and that source would still be a part of "the media".

  39. if you actually don't care about drag queens acting lewd with children, you're libleft, or at least an Emily-enabler.

  40. I've yet to see anything actually lewd. Is simply being in drag the grooming part?

  41. Yea it sounds like that guy is a known pedo and rightfully got backlash. Also the kid in question is already an influencer?

  42. Texas all around loves guns and almost weird levels of freedom sometimes

  43. It's odd freedom, don't take their guns, but they think forcing you to be their brand of christian only makes you more free

  44. I think the other guy was talking about Cali or NY or IL or somewhere that’s really really blue

  45. Austin voted like 84% for Biden and has never really been red, we're just surrounded by awful state policy

  46. Is it bad circulation? All the women I’ve ever dated have feet that are as cold as a corpse.

  47. My GF and I are the opposite somehow. I'll have the heat at 78, wearing long sleeves, and my hands and feet will be like a corpse. She will have me rub her back with her cool hands because she's burning up at the same temperature.