1. Malignant narcissists have a much higher rate of impotence than the general population.

  2. None of these grifters have an ounce of respect for each other behind closed doors. It's the collusion of the fleecing.

  3. Lesson one: AI will create completely unrealistic structures, impossible to build

  4. Engineering is practical. It's for the poors. Architecture, on the other hand, is for trust funders to be called geniuses for doing easy work.

  5. Sad fact: There are ~10 times more animal shelters in the US than there are emergency shelters for women and victims of domestic violence. Hopefully she got away. Far too many women simply can't afford to escape violence and/or have a place to go to.

  6. I have a relative who left state after filing for divorce but still ended up dead four months later. Everyone knows the perp. Nobody talks about it because they're afraid of involving the police, not to mention the perp is a ranking member in the prosperity megachurch movement, so they actually are supported by police. And that's the reality. Everyone knows. Half of them justify it.

  7. would love to see more exterior paint jobs done this way.

  8. I saw a pre toddler on the bus yesterday who couldn't yet speak, but was scrolling on their dad's phone, given to them to keep quiet and occupied. This baby was scrolling with intent on a social media site (likely reddit dark theme) and stopping on pictures. Kinda blew my mind.

  9. I see the chemistry book ant the first thing that comes to mind is Hank and Dean Venture.

  10. NGL, I've seen fine art worse than this selling for quite a bit more.

  11. Young people will no longer believe anything. Old people will believe everything.

  12. Be sure to crush capitalism by subscribing to N E B U L A!

  13. Looks like an overly space aged conceptualization of what would eventually result in the Canoo.

  14. Camo used to get me treated with slightly more respect than not (I wear flecktarn). Now it's the opposite.

  15. I get the joke, but do you have to steal photos from Comicon?

  16. The automation will make it even worse. We will have to move towards socialism or the country will break.

  17. I think the latter is inevitable. We're far to atomized for the former.

  18. I think you can thank the Cold War generation for that. They were brainwashed to all hell with socialism/communism as evil. I think the generations born in the late 80s and after will not attach such a stigma to the word 'socialism'.

  19. A lot of zoomers and millennials are already dieing because of this, whether it's wars, proxy wars, no healthcare, housing, or social services. I do think you're right that the survivors will start organizing en masse, eventually, once enough of the older, richer die off and their policies wain. For now there are too many people feeding their families by oppressing their peers.

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