1. Yeah I know they will it's just the cost and difficulty in finding said top as opposed to an LJ.

  2. Fuck me to tears it's expensive. But Bestop does make a good product. I know I can find them it's just the cost.

  3. Yeah, I stretched my YJ to LJ length and the rugged ridge top was surprisingly good for how cheap it was. Shame they don't make a CJ8 version.

  4. Solid axles work better for low speed crawling applications and they are more durable compared to IFS . IFS iworks better for everything else.

  5. Not totally related, but... what bike rack is that? I love that it keeps the rear tires above the bumper line.

  6. If you don't want to push the rear back super far, you can probably move the front forward about 3"

  7. The guy explained everything. He has MS. He works in short bursts for an hour or two. And for Twitter he uses his phone because it only requires one 1 finger.

  8. I don't want to come off as less sympathetic, but if I told my boss that from now on I would be working in "short bursts for an hour or two" from now on for the same wage, I'd be fired... and I wouldn't even have the $100m safety net when that happened.

  9. It can be if you decide to make it that. I stayed away from chunder and turkey claw most of the time and ran some of the other rock trails farther in.

  10. I don't get the instances... it looks like a lot of them are specific to an interest or hobby, but when I search, I can't find any that align with mine. Am I doing it wrong?

  11. The jack russell terrier I had growing up. I loved him and he loved me, but damn he could be a dick.

  12. Transition. Geometry looked good and I had a hookup to get it for less than msrp. I haven't been disappointed. I pretty much live my life with a goal of never paying full price for bike stuff. It has been working pretty well so far, but my last hookup just retired, so no idea what I'm going to do for my next bike in a few years.

  13. Now I have to go back and look. I could swear up and down that the axles on my kid's two stock scx24s were portals.

  14. YouTube making you sit through two 15 second unskippable ads. The worst part is that the ads you can skip, some of them are actually pretty good.

  15. So every now and then when youtube runs 2 ads back to back, I'll actually be interested in the first one (movie trailer or something) and watch it all the way through. Heaven forbid I want to skip the second ad when it pops up, because you lose that option if you watch the first one, so it pretty much incentives you to skip them both right out of the gate.

  16. Yeah. I wish I could find some tires with a 3" I.D. and a 6.8" O.D. but it seems like they don't make anything like that anymore. I ordered

  17. I've notice a lot of people go with lower KV for bigger, heavier RCs. I figure that makes sense since there is more weight to move and bigger wheels to turn, so you'd want more torque. I think I bought a 2000 kv for my 1/8 monster truck.

  18. There's also the thing that bigger and heavier RCs will often run on more S than smaller ones, thus you kinda have to go with lower KVs, since motors will also have a mechanical limit on how many RPMs they can pull off, thus limiting the maximum voltage that can be applied to them before they disintegrate.

  19. Didn't even think of that, lol. All the math I was doing in my head revolved around 2s 10th scale rock crawler setups. So I've got a 2000kv motor and a 4s (might run a 6s in the future) coming for my MT and the 2000kv suddenly looks A LOT faster on paper, LOL.

  20. The screw's stuck? Put some penetrating oil on it and go have a sandwich. Come back and try again later.

  21. The rear leafs on that 4runner lookin thiiiicc

  22. I have this and have done the conversion. Well worth it. It's a beast on 6s. Make sure you get the rpm arms, very worth it.

  23. RPM arms... thanks for the tip! I'm gonna go check those out now. Center diff is supposed to show up in the mail today along with bearings... fingers crossed I ordered the right size.

  24. Oh I’m interested in this… I have an MTG as well that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I’m not especially interested in going the nitro route again.

  25. I guess it was all the rage to do like 10 years ago, but I missed the boat. There used to be tons little businesses that cnc'd the motor and center diff mounts, but most of them are gone. I found a place in Greece that still makes them, rolled the dice and ordered from them, sure enough it showed up about a week or so later:

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