Commercial property owner Ape here. I want to donate 5,500 SQFT+ (RENT FREE) for Gamestop to use for "experimental" NFT concepts.

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  1. This deserves a top post for sure. Upvote til your balls fall off everyone. Thank you OP

  2. “Market Making”, ie manipulation, for how many years in a row?

  3. I love how you follow that twat OP! I shall award thee 🚀🚀🦧🦍🐒🚀

  4. Hey, humor is subjective, you can’t just pike and choose which jokes are good

  5. I'll give you an upvote but I won't taek-won-do

  6. Watched it at a movie theater in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with Laura

  7. He probably thinks that we all DRS and HODL too. What a maroon

  8. Yeah. A real financial whiz would predict the time zone too.

  9. In another interview this guy said giving companies money to buy back stocks was good for main street. He's so full of shit.

  10. I got used to it, the monkey will get used to it.

  11. Oh lord, is this like the joke about the guy that went to the whorehouse with only $5?

  12. No no no, pushrod and pullrod is a suspension type. They're kind of the same, but:

  13. I smacked my friend once because she lied about a guy raping her for a month and then proceeded to date said guy and when we all found out she'd been lying, I snapped. Nobody stopped it. Nobody sided with her or defended her afterwards. We were not friends after that.

  14. I wonder if if she’ll ever get over being physically and emotionally abused by her “friend”? Empathy is a choice too.

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