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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. “My friend and I” lol. Someone taking credit for someone else’s work.

  2. That little girl dancing like she’s Roy Jones Jr. then couldn’t reach the guys head, lol. Stop watching movies little girl.

  3. Didn’t he have a 2nd Super Bowl win with Kansas City? Regardless I do think he has the resume.

  4. Ol’ Johnny three tubes??? How the heck are you, you old so and so!!

  5. Rob Mcnipplechips in always sunny went from normal jabroni to obese janroni to diesel jabroni. All on his self discovery quest of homosexuality!!

  6. Right but that’s a service you’re doing for the company at that point. Checking them and packing them is all for the company. You just hand the bag to the customer. People tend to get tipped for their one on one service with a person. Interactions, answering questions, catering to them etc. the service you’re doing is paid for by the company you work with.

  7. If the company increased wages to cover tips they would raise prices and the customer would pay anyway.

  8. What are you doing to get tendinitis in both hands in 16 months, I’ve been bartending/ serving for 20+ years and besides sore feet at the end of the shift I’m in decent health.

  9. If the Saints kicked a field goal instead of the touchdown I would have one $600 in the office pool. It’s hard to not blame Chuckles Clark.

  10. Makes prostate exams a little easier

  11. How many fingers do they use on you in your prostate exam?!?

  12. Well that all depends how hard you cough

  13. Lol. It shouldn’t. Stop getting Groupon prostate exams!

  14. My BIL got bumped on the highway, guy pretended like he was gonna pull over, but took off. My BIL went to Maryland State Police and they told him if the car is drivable they won’t investigate, he had tag # and make model.

  15. My brother in law was tapped by a car on the highway, he pulled over and the other car started to, then the other car took off. My BIL got license plate number description of the car and driver. My BIL goes to Maryland State Police and tells them what happened, they tell him if his car is drivable the won’t even look for the guy.

  16. I’m sorry…misdemeanor? Why wasn’t that felony battery?

  17. You’re smoking a blunt…at a park….near a kids playground. Lol. Call the cops, see how that works for you. Everyone involved is an idiot.

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