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  1. It probably won't be a high scoring beat down. The defense is good, and everybody knows they don't need to score many points to win. Lots of clock-killing in broncos games, which is part of why they're bad AND boring.

  2. I think it depends who they’re playing. Chiefs v Pats? FTP. Chiefs V Bucs. Go Chiefs. But I’ll take niners over chiefs any day. (Not that Niners would win that but it’s a good matchup) Without Tyreek I think the Niners have a punchers chance. Tyreek just beats everyone.

  3. It’s real. And no I didn’t make any typos. The net just makes it look small because it’s made for netting killer whales and porpoises.

  4. I have that net and I can tell you that’s a yuuuge fish. People are saying probably biggest fish ever caught. I don’t know.

  5. I think it’s a good place to hang a 5gal bucket for when you empty the hopper. I have never emptied mine but that’s what I assumed it’s for.

  6. Considering I have that net and I can tell you a good idea of how big that fish is....that isn't even close to 30".

  7. “Considering I have that net…. C’mon. Nobody cares. Show us your nippers bro.

  8. I’m just glad to hear that superstonk is dying. I loved that place till it went fucking wonky.

  9. I am listening to the extra point show from Friday. I knew the phins had played against bad defenses recently but I didn’t realize they were all close to worst in the league over the last few weeks (excluding Steelers D). Today is going to be very telling. The phins are good but let’s see what they can do against a better opponent.

  10. 9ers D is lights out. Tyreek generally has beat them. But he beats everyone. (Including women and children)

  11. Go Niners. That’s all I need to see today. Tua in the cold rain in NorCal.

  12. Their post game sun was classic. 7/10 comments were ‘Matt Patricia sits down to pee’. It’s not wrong tho. He does.

  13. I’m in northern CA. It gets down to 20 overnight at my house but I run it every weekend. I don’t winterize. Keep running fresh gas through the lines and you’ll be fine IMO. If it’s gonna sit for 5 mos then think about winterizing. Keep your batteries topped off! Will help starts in cold weather.

  14. So 2 more plush half a day till a lil upst pucker rocket?

  15. I sold my Jans on this am’s run. Will buy back in I think. My Decs are Tits on a bull.

  16. Check the law in your state. There’s usually a 48 hr rule for buyers remorse. Might only be for used cars but check.

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