1. Harry Dresden would give Spider-Man a pretty good fight. Spidey's physicals are noticeably better but Harry is at comic book peak human levels at this point, and magic is a hell of an equalizing factor. Harry is pretty used to fighting foes who physically outclass him too, so he has a lot of strategies to deal with it. Harry also reads Spider-Man comics so he definitely has an edge in knowledge of his opponent.

  2. In the first few books Harry is street level, but at this point in the series Harry is way above that. He can smash down buildings pretty consistently at this point I think.

  3. I think Harry fits street level as much as spider-man does

  4. Nah, milk ages into delicious cheese. She aged like shrimp.

  5. Rocks and dirt are heavy and can be obtained easily for free

  6. You need an object, pretty much anything will work. Balled up t-shirt, football, soccer ball, whatever. You throw it up in the air and whoever it lands closest to is the queer. He grabs the object and everyone chases him around and tries to tackle him. Once he gets tackled, the object is thrown in the air again and you start over. It's a fairly violent game.

  7. Are kids these days still this stupid? God I hope my kids are smarter than I was.

  8. I have girls, so they're less randomly violent, but from what I can see kids these days aren't any smarter, just better supervised for the most part.

  9. What is the long-term plan with your boyfriend? Is there one at all? Do you see the potential for marriage or cohabitation at some point?

  10. I'm not surprised in the large divide in social skills. My daughter was in kindergarten when everything shut down in the spring of 2020. The reactions of the other families in her class varied widely. There were some who still wanted to get together for playdates while stay home orders were in place and there were others who wore masks inside their own homes and literally didn't step foot outside for 18 months.

  11. You get to go through life with a partner. Someone to share all your joys and sorrows with. Someone who's there to support you, love you, take some of the load when you can't bear it all. Someone who can be your rock when you need it. Someone who can push you to do the things you need to do when you don't have the willpower to do them yourself. And you get all of the legal and financial benefits that being married gets you.

  12. I'd buy my own taco bell franchise for the sole purpose of having access to Baja blast year round.

  13. YTA. But more importantly there's going to be a time in the not so distant future when your daughter doesn't want to cuddle you at all any more. And you're going to look back on the fact that you could have held onto that joy a little longer but chose not to and absolutely hate yourself.

  14. I largely agree. I'll add another priority that should be in there that isn't. Fixing the state's petition process. Get rid of the loophole that allows the legislature to pass the laws without the potential for the governor to veto them and put it in law that adopt and amend is illegal.

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