Well I found out my wife is cheating on me from my 11 year old daughter. She was texting him like this with my daughter in the back of the car. She took this picture and was completely grossed out, to say the least. I'm pissed more about my daughter seeing this than her cheating.

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  1. The naphtha will degrade that seal if it contacts it. If you only are using the bottom half of the jar you should be able to swirl or whatever without it hitting the lid.

  2. This, but it takes time. Everyone should be using an erlenmeyer flask anyway

  3. I read like 100 comments and not a single mention of the 3rd option. Run away. As a guy in that situation, isn't that the smart move?

  4. No he did everything right. Continued on the defense for quite a while. The whole time a scene being made. This is a failure of the school to step in and prevent this kid NEEDING to defend himself. You should not have to run away in a place that is supposed to protect you. And if that is the burden then you have the right to defend yourself.

  5. Did you clean the threads and contacts on the pen and carts with isopropyl alcohol? That will remove residual dirt and grease and you may just have them working again.

  6. For bedtime check out the sleep sacks. For little ones they are basically a swaddle, but the 3 month+ they are just an extra long shirt with elastic at the bottom so it closes up. And super easy to remove the kid through the head area when they have covered the other end in poop.

  7. Playing the fly swatter game for hours with my brother. Good times.

  8. Wow that’s pretty young to be an asshole PI

  9. This could be my postdoc PI, only he was <45 and was ok with publishing garbage, uncontrolled, and even purely fabricated data. The picture even looks like him

  10. Used to work at a paper mill and cut “cores” that the paper was rolled onto and they were super heavy duty like OPs. But they were also wide enough you could get your arm up to the elbow inside. MegaMan eat your heart out

  11. I've always found it fascinating when women use insults that are emasculating, because so many don't see how they're based on internalized misogyny.

  12. It’s just misandry. It has nothing to do with internalized misogyny

  13. Switch the genders if you want, I hate double standards.

  14. Got some real dumb fuck energy going on here

  15. Yeah, thinking it was controlled, I can forgive, but man did his true colours show in the end.

  16. Upstream of the MiSeq you should replace as much as possible, especially as those are (relatively) cheap and will keep you from blowing out or totally under loading your run.

  17. Are you familiar with the bypass code needed for expired kits per Kingjoe97034 below?

  18. Yep. You have to call support for it as far as I know.

  19. I’m on 50mg at the moment, it’s really helping when I’m focusing on work or something but Jesus, if you focus on the wrong things it’s mad. I watched the same Harry Potter movie 3 times in a day last week

  20. I got off vyvanse and on adderall IR for this reason, among others. I still get it on the immediate release, but I know I have ~15 minutes after I take it to make sure I’m working on what I need to be doing. Whatever I’m doing when it kicks in is what I’m going to be doing for at least a couple hours. The IR also means I can come down and redirect. Also doesn’t fuck with my sleep so much.

  21. Have you ever known any sentence to start with the word "Mono's"?

  22. I am only stating what is clear in the pictures. And as someone else pointed out predictive text is based on your most typed words. I can 100% see that being a possibility as a word that would start a sentence.

  23. It is clear from the picture that someone typed a word similar to the word "nobody" and the phone suggested possible autocorrections.

  24. Please don't call out other users or subreddits. If you need to start a discussion with the Community Team about another user or community, please modmail

  25. MensLib mod here. We didn't even ban him. We just kind of said "Good luck with your project, but we want to wait and see how it develops before endorsing it," which I don't think is unreasonable tbh? New subreddits pop up all the time and most of them don't last long.

  26. Doubt that. You ban everyone for no reason and with no explanation.

  27. I'm not sure what I did to make you so angry, but I sincerely hope you have a better day.

  28. Whalely? I expect you cod be a little better in this sub(marine)

  29. Make it weirder by saying you’re waiting on the MATERNITY results.

  30. I wasn't in the room doctor, how can I be sure that baby came out of that woman?

  31. The appropriate answer? “We are still waiting on the results.” Awkward look at your partner. That should prevent any further questions. People really seem to lose any social sense when it comes other peoples kids.

  32. anyone have book suggestions from neil gaiman? i read anansi boys a long time ago and loved it

  33. American gods is great. Honestly anything he’s written that I have read has been captivating. So different from any other authors I’ve read.

  34. Word length is not a concern when naming something so long as it accurately describes it. See

  35. To add to this how does WGS differ from NGS?

  36. Whole genome sequencing is a specific application of next-generation sequencing technologies

  37. Amusingly apparently there were no harassers. The woman was making false accusations (provably false according to OP).

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