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  1. Every sub like this that I’m in is now flooded w Elon content Jesus Christ

  2. Yeah it's half of the front page of reddit even after muting a hundred different subs

  3. Nope but I am going to block you so I don't see stupid shit like this anymore.

  4. OL 1st Round, DL next, Linebacker next, Safety, RB, WR, QB, in THAT particular order.

  5. DJ has had some bad drops this year and struggles to get open sometimes. I don’t think it’s crazy to say he’s around 15-18 in WR 1 rankings.

  6. It's not crazy. Most of the fan base is just really stupid

  7. He barely completed half of his 19 passes. Some of you are down soo bad

  8. To be fair, the last time he played was when?

  9. Sam darnold still sucks. 11 completions on 19 attempts. The stupidest touchdown I've ever seen in football (rolling into the endzone after a fumble). Dont come at me saying this his first game starting. We saw enough last year and he's in his 5th year in the league. We know his floor, we know his ceiling. We need to clear out our entire qb room at end of season(except corral). Bring in a vet who knows the game, draft a qb, and develop corral. Please get rid of Wilks at seasons end. He's just not the guy for us, we need a new school offensive coach. If we keep Wilks then why did we ever get rid of Ron Rivera? Rivera was a much better coach with multiple winning season under his tenure with us. This fan base has been driving me crazy this year, some of you are down soo bad it's sad and frustrating. The defense does look really good, I'm really happy we didn't trade any key pieces there. I like foreman but I'm worried about giving him an extended contract, I wouldn't hate it if we give him a fair 2 or 3 year deal but don't overpay. Can we please get rid of shi Smith? Oh and fuck David tepper.

  10. “This fan base has been driving me crazy this year, some of you are down soo bad it's sad and frustrating. “

  11. Down soo bad that you're out here defending Sam darnold and Steve Wilks cus that's how fucked we are since rhule and tepper took over.

  12. He's thrown less then 20 passes total this year. Lets see how he looks the next few weeks. As a backup we could definitely do alot worse but it's hard to think we haven't seen darnolds floor and ceiling

  13. I'm really hoping for a collector's edition or something by Christmas

  14. Is the let you down song in game? We're all the songs from edgerunners in the game before the update or after?

  15. Sandevistan and mono wire have been fun as hell for me. If you liked edgerunners then its a must try, rocking David's jacket and beccas "guts" shotgun(which obliterates people)

  16. Our qb1 next year? Daniel Jones.

  17. Discount tire should do it for free, I have the same issue and plan on going to them today

  18. If for some reason we're unable to get Josh Rosen, then Zach Wilson would be a great plan b!

  19. We’re the number 2 pick!!!! Every loss is a great loss as long as it keeps us in the running for shroud/young. If we end up 3 and draft will Levis we’re just gonna be miserable for years to come

  20. We'll draft a DT and bring in Daniel Jones and trade for Nick Foles

  21. We’re a good QB away from making the playoffs. We’re a good QB and a fast young WR from being dangerous. We’re a good QB, a fast young WR, and a OC without his head in his ass away from being a super bowl team. I really don’t think this is a bad team at all

  22. The one real team we played without Baker we got embarrassed (Bengals) and looked lifeless and awful.

  23. Nailed it. The reports of Wilks winning the locker room is total bullshit. The delusions of this fan base is unreal sometimes.

  24. Lasted longer then I did. Watch redzone and let's see how they handle the offseason

  25. The logan country club has a full meal and dessert for 2 for 55$ , I'm half tempted to get this for my fiance and i

  26. Oh that's a great price, I can see why. I'll have to check them out, thanks!


  28. Lets think logically for a second if possible. Do you realize how expensive it would be to move the franchise overseas? Sure they sell tickets when they get their couple of games a year, but is London gonna show up every Sunday for mediocre football? How bout the players? They all gonna move/fly to the uk for games and practices every season? What's the return on investment for tepper? Come on dude.

  29. UK fans are notorious for showing up for their relegation zone teams so a relegation zone level NFL team would pull in more fans than a game in charlotte currently does (NC is a terrible professional sports state with no real fans).

  30. But we cannot forget to resign Darnold and Mayfield to 30 mil a year contracts

  31. Have you been watching Denver this year...

  32. If we go out and sign Daniel Jones, trade for Wentz and Russell Wilson then we will be unstoppable! Of course we will still start our best qb pj walker!

  33. I want to start him so bad... my only other option is Kadarius Toney.

  34. I’m trying to decide who to bench between Russ, Lawrence and PJ in a deep super flex, and this was the reminder and confirmation bias I needed. Thank you.

  35. Idk how many points pj got but I feel good about convincing you to bench him

  36. Bozeman deserves more credit. Our running game has taken a step up since he replaced elfien at center. They're getting a good push at the line and creating gaps for Foreman to plow through. Icky needs to clean up his penalties and he'll be great, I'm just glad he's not giving overpowered cus you can't really fix that.. but penalties, that's just a discipline issue, he's a rook and that will get sorted out (hopefully)

  37. Absolutely, you're sacrificing a roster spot to play a strategic move. However I think Allen plays this week. They showed him running out of practice once the media was allowed in.

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