1. Something similar happened in a hospital in my city. But it ended way worse. With a woman, that just gave birth to her baby girl, beheaded.

  2. That was the ONLY thing I liked about TLJ. That movie kill a part of my soul. It was so BAD.

  3. Isn’t this kind of the story arc from Heir to the Empire trilogy where Thrawn was introduced in the EU universe. Hollywood could have just adopted that and everyone would have loved it. We would have gotten Thrawn, Mara Jade, the twins…much better in my opinion.

  4. Then Lucasfilm and Disney will have to pay royalties to the old EU writers. And KK´s erasure of the EU was just for that, to not pay royalties.

  5. The anime is vastly better, and I don't generally like anime. The live action story was dumbed down for the plebs. It was a disappointment as a fan of the original. It could have been great if they didn't stray like they did with the story.

  6. Yes! They turn the Major from a total badass into a whinny emo looking for her mama.

  7. Yeah I remember when he was walking down that street in the rain with all the vendors and I just paused it like, "Holy Cyberpunk"

  8. While someone is blasting Babymetal!

  9. Convince him to eat you down there and then proceed to squirt on his mouth.

  10. He is too happy to hear that those kids are alone.

  11. A little further context, the ships in the picture are, forward to backwards:

  12. Nagara class or Kuma class? its hard to distinguish between the 2.

  13. "We all make mistakes at work" Are you talking about his hairdresser?

  14. El nivel de indigencia que hay en estados unidos es surreal. Como pueden hablar de pobreza cuando tienen ciudades enteras llenas de vagabundos y adictos acampando en las calles?

  15. He visto videos de enganchados al crack en San Francisco, la calle llena de gente tirada en el suelo.

  16. I liked the live action, although they sure changed the characters a lot: Mal, Wash, Jane, Shepard Book, River, Kaylee... They even changed the name of the ship to Serenity. It was really tricky to keep track of who was who.

  17. Hahahahahaha!!! You are absolutely right.

  18. Damn I guess it happens to the best of us. Just a shame there are people out here like that

  19. Something similar happened to one of my cousins. In her case, she was seduced (online) by an Argentinian guy. That MF convinced her to "lend" him a hefty sum of money. When she came back to her senses and asked for the money back he threatened her to make a report for harassment.

  20. I have video chatted with the person in question and the accent checked out (I lived in Spain for 3 years). I sent a message to the guardian civil on Instagram since I'm in the US and a phone call will be expensive, but I might end up having to do it

  21. I think that the Guardia Civil has, in their website, a form to make reports.

  22. A long time ago a friend of mine got seated next to a, at the time, somewhat famous spanish model or actress (premium economy?). The president of a spanish soccer team, a famous model skirt chaser, was travelling in first class and offered to swap seats with him. The face that the poor girl put (I prefer to go to the dentist style) made my friend not to move. That guy started to offer money, threats and whatnot. The flight assistant have to order the guy to go back to his seat.

  23. Allí se archiva todo el papeleo burocrático relacionado con el comercio con las Américas y cosas por el estilo. También hay cartas náuticas, etc.

  24. Algun contacto que hayas tenido ahi con algun empleado o director?

  25. Solo trabajé allí 2 semanas. Y cuando digo hace años hablo de 20 años o más.

  26. Estah intentando ehcribí en andalú. Por eso está entre comillas.

  27. Tengo entendido que habia incluso un sector dentro de ETA que no estaba de acuerdo con el terrorismo y el modo de proceder

  28. Sí, sus "compañeros" les hacían entender lo errados que estaban...

  29. I voted for ISSR but has any song grown on the Fandom more than Sayonakidori? Myself included.

  30. I invited my niece and nephew to the Irving Plaza show. My niece, while they were still playing the song, asked me for the title and added it to her Spotify playlist on the spot.

  31. A lot of people here are talking about a sevillan accent. That accent only is applicable to Sevilla city (metropolitan area too), if you go outside you'll find very different accents. Seville city is an island of seseo in a sea of ceceo.

  32. Sevilla’s wealth of accents is wonderful in itself. I am from Sevilla city, but my wife’s family are from Marchena and I am in love with their accent and their unique and distinct words and expressions.

  33. A cousin used to work at a bank in Morón de la Frontera, she had the intention of compiling a Moronero-Spanish dictionary.

  34. In highschool I had a PE teacher with a missing arm up to the elbow. He used to tell us "If someone dares to call me minusválido I'm going to crush his/her throat. Manco or cojo is fine" (he really did choke people throats with his amputated arm, usually unruly kids).

  35. That girl friend of yours have something for you. That's why she was peeping in the first place and why she's attacking your boyfriend, out of jealousy.

  36. I'd love to see a nicely trimmed bush down there.

  37. ¿Y las tapas? ¿No son las tapas comida callejera?

  38. ¿O las freidurías/pescaíto frito, los kioscos de pollo asado?

  39. Either from Videla or Peron, as both have been engaging in heavy handed dictatorship. More so on Videla's case, as he was well known for forced disappearances and a program in which gov officials would forcibly adopt the kids left behind by the disappeared. Videla being far right, and Peron was a populist but a fan of Mussolini's economic policies.

  40. Perón also was eager to hide Nazi fugitives.

  41. The sad reality is many are driven into suicide and society still refuses to adress false accusations and their consequences. You can literally see the comments „yeah it‘s bad.. NOW let‘s move the spotlight away from you and how this is bad for real rape victims“. Disgusting how they can‘t accept that victims of false accusations are real victims too

  42. I'd say that feminism is the one refusing to address false accusations. To them all women MUST be believed or you are a long list of ugly things. SA accusations must be taken seriously, only evidence must be believed.

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