1. Your explanation makes a lot of sense. So would that still be the case, if the corduroy was a blend of let’s say 69% cotton 31% rayon 2% spandex? A blend of stiff and stretchy? Wow, I love those pants that you recommended, the way they skim over the midsection but pinch at the waist is so flattering!! I agree, skimming would be much better because flattening doesn’t seem like it would help the overall shape of my already pretty straight body lol. Thank you for the suggestions and compliment. That means so much.

  2. I agree with what they said about corduroy itself being very pliable compared to denim, but I came here to address your question about a fabric blend. 2% spandex in jeans/pants (anything other than leggings) is actually a lot. Personally I run far away from anything 2% spandex because, after wearing it for like an hour, it stretches out and sags and looks super unflattering and it offers no support whatsoever. Try pants with 1% spandex at the most, but my original recommendation was to try 100% cotton denim. It will take a little getting used to, because it doesn’t conform as much to your body, which is what you want because it supports you and doesn’t let every little bump just “hang out”. I personally like Levi’s, they’re pretty tried-and-true universally. Of course every body is different and you should try out a variety of brands and see what works for you.

  3. You need to find good quality jeans with little to no stretch that will smooth out the tummy area. Try classic Levi’s.

  4. Idk why I thought she was tall 😭😂

  5. My first guess would be soft classic! Do we know her height?

  6. Currently preggo and we plan on naming our baby boy Byron!

  7. Wendy, Betty, Lenora/Lenore, Colleen, Roseanne

  8. Larry, Oswald, Jerry, Gregory, Randall, Bryan, Orville, Norville, Norman, Lloyd, Lester, Chester, Clarice, Maurice, Terry

  9. You could call him Ron or Ronny.

  10. My cousin has a son with the name. I used to dislike it. But it has grown on me. I think it just sounded too old fashioned.

  11. Well, a lot of old fashioned names are coming back 🤷🏻‍♀️ like Henry and Theodore

  12. Sadie is a popular dogs name where I am from, but then again so is Charlie.

  13. My dog’s name is Sadie, I didn’t know that was a popular thing 😂 I actually liked it for a possible future child too. I’m from TX, USA

  14. I adore both, especially Sadie! My only hang up is if your last name starts with D, I wouldn’t like the repetitious sound it makes. Example: Sadie Dunbar, Sadie Darling, etc…the two D sounds are too close. That’s just me though, if it doesn’t bother you, go for it!

  15. I guess I would just think it’s a foreign sounding name that is popular in other countries but not with English speakers, but I’m not too crazy about the sound itself. The closest name I can think of, sound wise, is Aiden and I don’t like that name either.

  16. I’m a SD but I can’t figure out if I’m a spring or autumn ☹️ otherwise I would participate

  17. I vote FN as well. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell because us SDs can have wide shoulders too, but you can usually see a difference in the actual shape of the shoulders in FNs vs SDs, which to me is the more clear indicator. Just my personal observation, nothing official 🙃

  18. Maybe it’s just a personal hang up but I never felt like the sharp square nail tips would look right on me. I always go with the shape in the top left.

  19. Tapered square and coffin look lovely on SD. But fully square is too chunky IMO.

  20. Yeah I can see fully square being more for the natural family. Thanks for the tip!

  21. I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant! Following this! thank you for asking, and congratulations 🥰

  22. Haha thanks! And I knooow, men are so difficult to type 😐 especially with the “height guidelines” being more vague.

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE! The woman in 4 and 6 looks familiar, where did you find the pics?

  24. So I am a Pinterest dweller lol and got most of these pics from there or the brand websites. However, I do know who she is and she has great style, a lot of which could suit us SDs! Her name is Leanne Ansar and her insta is her name! I have similar hair to her too, so she inspires me to embrace it more often although that’s another journey lol

  25. Oh okay lol, I thought she might be an influencer or something that’s why I asked! Thanks! And you must have great hair then, I’m jealous 😭 I have more D-leaning hair (fine and straight)

  26. I think was supposed to add text when I posted this board. Anyway, I’ve recently realized I’m soft dramatic, and have been trying to incorporate my (I think) ethereal essence and general preferences. Im not sure how well everything fits into soft dramatic lines, so feel free to offer suggestions.

  27. I’m SD and I think I have a bit of ethereal essence too!

  28. Top right is like a cross between “the Rachel” and Jessica Rabbit’s hair.

  29. Idk, I’m an SD and I would TOTALLY wear it!

  30. Sometimes I don’t see Winona as a gamine very much, but for some reason these pictures of her make it very obvious! To my eyes anyway.

  31. No advice here, just wanted to wish you good luck and let you know you’re not alone. I’m 33, newly diagnosed, and we’re planning to start trying at the end of the year. Definitely in that weird place of having this on my mind but also trying not to add any unnecessary stress to the equation…

  32. Thank you 💕 and I know exactly what you mean! I don’t want to stress about it but can’t help thinking about it

  33. A quite sensitive question, but as someone who has UC, would like to become a mother but is very scared that my kids would have IBD because of me (my mum has UC too), how do you all feel about this? Doesn't it scare you? My biggest fear is the trauma the kids will go through... But honestly, congratulations to all you strong mothers including mine. It's just that these thoughts really stay on my mind

  34. Well, there’s risk of passing along bad genes even if you are completely healthy. But also I was told by my doc that it is partially linked to genetics but not entirely. Meaning, there are other factors at play and you aren’t guaranteed to have children with the disease just because you have it. Personally, none of my parents or grandparents have it, and nobody on my husband’s side does. So of course I wouldn’t wish it on my kids, but I personally don’t feel that it’s a big risk of passing it to them, any more than if I didn’t have it.

  35. I agree! Sometimes her body looks like a FN, i don’t see her as being so curvy as other SD (she has a model body), but her face has too much fullness and looks so similar to Sophia Loren’s look.

  36. And she also has a lot of ingenue quality and could probably pull off some gamine looks! I swear nothing looks bad on her

  37. Rihanna is such a mystery, I think the closest thing we could categorize her is SD though. But she’s such a chameleon it boggles the mind.

  38. If I’m in a bad flare I usually don’t have a period at all :/ but otherwise it’s pretty much the same every month flare up or not. I get gurgly the day before and once I start, my bowels empty. I think it’s from the uterus contracting to unleash the lining, and it affects the intestines at the same time.

  39. That website is my new obsession. Crap. i hate you for giving me this haha

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