1. Pls do proper research before getting on reddit to bitch about something that happens naturally. Extractions can’t be perfect everytime, nor should you expect them to be. maybe next time ask to look at the product label before blindly buying something in a 0 insurance market. steer the idiots on this app the right way, not the wrong one. but how do you steer idiots anyway if you’re uneducated yourself. the blind leading the blind 👍🏼

  2. They just use farkas farms flower! hence why you’ll see a lot of the same strain names as farkas from lighthouse. problem child, wonka bar, unicorn cake, etc

  3. the Flan is the best concentrate on the market

  4. It’s a sublingual plant based pill… supposed to put it under your tongue and let it dissolve, entering your bloodstream.

  5. that is science… have you done any research? lmfao

  6. klutch jealousy, buckeye relief cake it easy, and both you mentioned are my favs for anxiety

  7. They’re perfectly transparent about these being botanical carts. If you don’t like them, don’t buy them. You don’t need to shame people for preferring a flavored alternative for medicating.

  8. botanical terpenes are terrible for your lungs, but if you so choose to medicate in that way be my guest 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Dispensaries aren’t responsible for this 🤣🤣

  10. Klutch sells full spectrum carts. They use CO2 for normal pods. My favorites in the program. Whip it/The Whip ( I think it’s called one in flower form and other in oil), and Orange 43 are my favorites as far as terpinolene sativas, catfish is unique, white truffle is good. A lot of people like sherbhead, lemon slushee. What kind of effects are you looking for?

  11. So that’s common misconception about Orange 43. Orange 43 is not a sativa, it’s an indica dominant hybrid. If you go to the Klutch website it’ll confirm. Orange 43 is marketed by ohio dispensaries as a sativa, i guess because if it’s name and flavor profile.

  12. Stay away from botanical terpenes! Terrible for your lungs! cokoh/cure ohio 👎🏼, buckeye relief/airo botanicals 👎🏼. good lusters would be Klutch, Grow Ohio, Firelands, and if you like a luster that doesn’t hit as hard but with a little more cbd and better cannabinoid profile, get One Orijin lusters

  13. Botanicals are added for a better flavor profile but are terrible for the lungs when inhaled!

  14. I’ve heard good reviews. They aren’t extremely high dose since they are only 530mg (wild berry) or 470mg (watermelon lemonade) in a 20pk, making wild berry gummies 26.5mg and watermelon lemonade gummies 23.5mg

  15. Only thing that you will get from galenas that’s over is their artifact jars

  16. A 2.83 bag can be as low as 2.405gs and as high as 3.255gs before it’s out of the legal range. This is due to the 15% variance Ohio has instilled in the program. If you contact them they might help you out but more than likely won’t since it’s within the 15% variance

  17. This has been a thing. Cresco bought them out a month or so ago. Strawberry fields > columbia care > Cresco… somethings going wrong or they wouldn’t be being continuously bought out.

  18. yes and no… if a dispensary continuously misdispenses the board of pharmacy can close them or pretty much force them to be bought out to continue going on.

  19. 😬 got railed on the price… got the same for 69 out the door

  20. Just a heads up aswell if you haven’t left yet Columbia care has 15% off everything today and they have a lot of fire.

  21. columbia care is impossible to get in at with there time slot reservations being 30 mins and they probably won’t have any by the time you put an order in. Walking in at columbia care would be pointless if they are even accepting walk ins now. definitely think bloom is worth the extra drive for the appropriate patient attention

  22. Dog I have always walked into Columbia care and I have never pre placed an order and it’s always been like any other dispensary 😂 so I’d beg to differ. Go to bloom and Columbia care and decide for yourself. I bet I know which you’d choose lol

  23. I’ve gone to both for 2 years. finally stopped going to columbia care because it takes forever to get in and out and you have to have a 30 min time slot for a pickup, if you don’t get it in that time it gets cancelled. when at bloom you place an online order they hold it all day for you so you can come at your own convenience. I’ve never had 1 budtender at columbia care talk terpenes, cannabinoids, etc… Yet at bloom I get this most times. columbia care has also been known to mess up peoples days and orders… hence why they can’t stay 1 company… strawberry fields, then columbia care, now just bought by cresco… i think all that speaks for itself 😅😂

  24. for me in order: Klutch, Woodward, Galenas, Buckeye. Drop Grow their flower has significantly dropped in THC percentage and they don’t list terpenes. POW isn’t bad at all very middle of the road and they occasionally have some heavy hitters/testers

  25. POW is underrated. Their staff is top notch. As a patient, their budtenders provided me more information than any other dispensary.

  26. I think the question was more or less directed towards flower not dispensaries, but good insight thanks!!

  27. is that the 1:1 wedding cake cartridge from POW?

  28. Honestly just stay away from columbia care / seed and strain flower… unless you want to keep guessing if it’s good or not..

  29. releases shouldn’t be limited either they definitely come back around

  30. Josh D is one of the higher up guys for Klutch whom they’ve given their line of premium flower to. They just went through rebranding the Josh D line and this should be first batches since rebranding. Catfish is one of the most popular from the Josh D line

  31. Heard great things about this strain but you may have got a bad batch (but from the looks, it looks fire..) first bad review i’ve ever got from lemon slushee and I’m a budtender in the program. most people say they loved it and it gives extreme munchies

  32. Watch out for botanical terpenes in the ingredients! Botanicals are added for a better flavor profile but are terrible for your lungs when inhaled!

  33. Stay away from their carts that contain botanical terpenes if you are interested in clean medicine. Botanical terps are terrible for your lungs when inhaled.

  34. I ended up getting the batch that tested slightly higher @ 23.2% and the myrcene profile was 19.8 mg/g. loved it had 0 complaints

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