1. Since you’ve only seen one I’d say go in release order with Boogie nights ( I watched Sydney (Hard 8) last)

  2. I’ve watched it 6x this year. I agree

  3. Just because you perceive a change in American in the past 50 years doesn’t mean we are at the worst point in history

  4. My top 3 favs are Inside Your Mind, This Must Be My Dream, and Mine. All I think are pretty underrated at least basing that solely on what I’ve seen on here

  5. Do we think maybe their “tour” in the US will be festivals? I doubt they would do an actual tour again right?

  6. In atl Matty really made it sound like an actual proper tour

  7. Give them a chance. They’ve been swapping ACOH and Paris and MAYTS/Be my mistake. Also boston night 1 got Medicine which was 🥰🥰🥰😍 I think they will change it up more as the tour goes on too. They’ll add Wintering and Human Too at some point as well I reckon.

  8. Last night be my mistake and mayts were both played

  9. Babette’s Feast and or Winter Light

  10. They bottle that? I thought it was a Taco Bell exclusive.

  11. It is they sell it for about a hundred days out of the year in stores. They stop till next year (if they decide to do it again) early next month. I may or may not have bought three twelve packs today

  12. My only thought is did u make sure you hit all time and not 2022 which would just count actors that have been in things you logged this year.

  13. Straight story. But honestly I think if u really know them a bit more than first date Wild at Heart could be fun. Mulholland Drive also doesn’t seem like an awful pick.

  14. Dr Strangelove and The Shining were great movies, but what else has he got worth a damn?

  15. Have you seen Barry Lyndon? It’s one of the most beautifully shot films. If you didn’t like 2001 i recommend Tarkovsky’s Solaris I think it’s better and he basically made it as a “this is trash I can do better”

  16. Now don’t think from my rec that solaris is more action packed i just think it’s a lot more poetic, hypnotic and interest grabbing

  17. The one I’d really love to have is Fallen Angels

  18. Yeah definitely before As Tears Go By and Days of Being wild

  19. i'm sorry, I've seen it twice and it does nothing for me :(

  20. I feel the same way. I’m planning on never watching it again until I have kids and need something to watch when I can’t sleep

  21. As Tears Go By - Wong Kar Wai (though I haven't seen My Blueberry Nights and The Grandmaster).

  22. This will definitely change once u see My Blueberry Nights

  23. This ^ I’ve watched it more than any other PTA and do so monthly

  24. Oh no doubt. Even though it’s my favorite movie I’ll probably wait till the half off sale

  25. It comes out during the half off sale so you’re in luck

  26. Some of it is a cultural bias. To some extend you could tell people a 50 year old film was made yesterday and they'd gauge it differently. It works a bit like old poetry in school. You're not supposed to like it (that's the cultural understanding) and most people don't yet if you somehow discover it on your own there's a much bigger chance you'll actually like it.

  27. This. I tend to wonder what I would have thought of Tarkovsky (my foreign film gateway) if I hadn’t just randomly stumbled upon him while surfing the web at 16 and decided to give all his films a go

  28. I also watched his entire filmography at 16 on the web lol, within a week in late autumn or something, was the perfect atmosphere.

  29. Whoa cool I did it from oct to dec

  30. Has Criterion ever released a TV show? I'm new to the collection so I don't know. War and Peace was a four-part miniseries wasn't it?

  31. They have released some that have already been mentioned but War and Peace is a seven hour film but has been split into four parts it make it easier to watch in chunks. There is a miniseries from more recent years but it’s not in the collection.

  32. Ah okay, I must've gotten those two confused. I bought the W&P criterion during the July sale and have been trying to find the time to watch it.

  33. Oh nice. I started the first half but couldn’t stay motivated. I was supposed to be watching it around the same time as some friends last year and have no motivation at this point 🙃

  34. I hope tragedy of man will become one. The few people I know who’ve seen it share my enthusiasm for how great it is. So if you haven’t heard of it check it out

  35. DVDs are good quality and the picture is sharp enough for me.

  36. Blu-ray players can play normal DVD’s too, without downloading content. So you are limiting yourself without a blu ray player

  37. I am never going to buy a blu-ray so no I am not limiting myself. That’s like saying if you don’t have a 4k blu-ray player you are limiting yourself.

  38. I’d say you are limiting yourself by only getting something that plays one format of movies as opposed to 3 with a 4K player. I mean some criterion releases are only 4K and Blu-ray (examples: raging bull, shaft, Double indemnity). The only in print way to watch Le cercle rouge would be to get the criterion 4K Blu-ray combo unless you want to by a second hand oop copy that could be scratched up cause DVD’s aren’t very durable.

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