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  1. Live resin vapes are much smellier, but for the most part oil vapes will be perfect.

  2. With virtually all batteries you button-click for multiple and/or colored lights to indicate voltage levels. YOU WILL FORGET WHAT THESE LIGHTS MEAN -- GUARANTEED. The Uni Pro display is simple, readable, and functional.

  3. Everyone should try this at least once. Or thrice.

  4. Missing - O43 and Dosiface; both are great.

  5. This - Legal access to multiple strains of safe, high quality marijuana (and neverending oils, waxes, edibles, topicals, etc). And it's only going to get better!

  6. 2 brand new Black Jack Luster Pods should take me to Tuesday in style!!

  7. I'll let you in on my secret. A small 30 min drive to clubhouse. Always jam packed with choices, decent monthly deals and I've only had to wait in line once.

  8. I agree. It's an easy drive and generally well stocked with Klutch, Luster pods, etc. I started going there almost a year before Rise opened in Lakewood; it's farther, but it still feels like home!

  9. I have the identical gold unit. Very handy

  10. Deserving of every superlative. My first purchase over a year ago after my first card. Still my go to flower by far.

  11. I say if it's good enough for the mice, it's good enough for me.

  12. About a month ago I ordered a $25 terp pen from them. I received, instead, a $250 German vaporizer. Perhaps a pissed off, overworked shipping clerk, I thought at the time. I don't really know. The unopened vape is still in it's box in my trunk. I think I'll keep it!!

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