1. I can’t wait and I’m ready for you to take and do things to my holes.

  2. I’ll lick you and cover you with my spit and my ass is ready for you fill up.

  3. Let me help you get hard more quickly by offering you one of my holes.

  4. I’ll be sure to get ready for my holes. Which hole do you want first?

  5. You are my favorite and the only teacher that want to learn from and receive things from.

  6. Please give it to me as many times as you want and don’t ever stop.

  7. Yes I do and I’ll never want get rid of it especially it’s yours.

  8. How about I offer you both my holes and let you do whatever you want to them.

  9. You can have fun with me all you want and in return for what you’re giving me I’ll give you my two holes to use.

  10. And I have a hole you can put it in until you ready for my other hole.

  11. Please fill me up as many times as you want and don’t ever stop.

  12. Play with my holes for as long you need until they are filled.

  13. Yes I am and I’ll do it everyday and whenever you’re asleep.

  14. I have two places where you can put that lollipop and fill them up with your filling too.

  15. I’m ready to take those classes and will stay after just to be sure I didn’t miss anything.

  16. I have two holes you can use and let you choose which one to fill.

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