1. A tattoo in all red like that will look horrible 5 years from now. Not sure if anyone has told you that before... and 10 years from now it will look like a skin infection. Just one red blur.

  2. I didn’t know that! I more want the design of the second pic, just the kind of length of the first

  3. Greg is a good guy + young Greg is fine as hell, Cade closed 😤

  4. The way you've got Alice and karas resemblance perfect whilst keeping your own artistic style is beautiful

  5. Thank you so much! I really love their story so I was rlly excited to draw them

  6. two characters having intense romantic scene together Me: wow what good pals ☺️

  7. People jumping to accuse and hate Kwite without waiting for his response, and getting mad at other who stayed neutral or said he deserves a chance to reply. It turns out Kwite is innocent and the accuser is a horrible person who has been trying to ruin Kwite career/life for years

  8. I hope you are out of his house and no contact. I fucking hate people/parents that are you WILL listen to ME and ReSpEcT me. Then be all shocked Pikachu when alone with no visitors in a nursing home.

  9. How did the make the first sentence BOLD? Is this apple or android?

  10. The thought that death is just nothingness, I would rather have hell that’s just nonexistence, everything I’ve seen and done, my whole life and awareness just suddenly vanishing terrifies me

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