1. Yup, Idaho will be purple before it happens and then what will they do.

  2. I'm trying to remember the name of that other mass migration movement that is extremist conservative based and involves North idaho/Montana/Eastern Washington. What's the name of it?

  3. That's a good point, if idaho goes more purple will they still try and join us? Maybe they will bring back the idea of the State of Jefferson

  4. Just be yourself. The more you try and "be" something, the more fake you will appear incidental and throw off the person examining you. Just be yourself.

  5. This headline misrepresents the bill. The bill doesn’t outlaw treatment of people suffering from gender dysphoria, only care that involves mutilating genitals or offering hormones that permanently alter a person in ways that are not even clearly understood yet. All other ways of treating children are on the table, and once they’re adults, if they want to change their bodies, they can. Just trying to avoid irreversible damage that might be regretted when a person’s brain is more fully developed!

  6. What is outlawed is 2 of the 3 legs of treatment options for someone suffering from this

  7. Did you actuqlly read the article? Medical care for the teens would still exist. They would not allow body mutilation for teenagers. Which is a good thing.

  8. I did read it, the decision should be made in the doctor's office, not by our legislators

  9. That was done and exhausted before i was 12........what about fully naked midgets riding sheep bare back while jousting with 4ft dildos for the opportunity to dig up Betty whites corpse and have an impromptu marzipan tea party and associated squares made and served by Martha Stewart wearing a vintage Eddie bauer sterling, sheep's skin Sheppa wintet overcoat and only that?

  10. Too bad they couldn't of be doing a smoke writing thing at the same time

  11. Looks like we need to try harder! Make Idaho Great Again!

  12. I was banned from tinder over it. Someone knew me and sent a report, instant ban

  13. Facial recognition software is very accessible. I'm curious if like once a month or so all the profiles are run thru a program like that.

  14. That seems par for the course.....I'm suprised it wasn't a meth lab explosion

  15. I saw this in a couple other posts but it is worth another post. Right now it's snowy and wet most everywhere in the state. Once it's dry, one spark and you are setting off a wild fire that is gonna cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to put out. They will bill you and charge you for it, guarantee.

  16. I'm on your side, but to be fair, how would the police know you were having an autistic meltdown?

  17. Who cares? Whether they were having a meltdown or actually on drugs, refusing to speak or exit a vehicle does not mean a person deserves to be tortured and have their property destroyed.

  18. I was hauled out in a straight jacket, in the hospital they didn't pull my blood or give me a BAC. There was a point before they started their militarized assualt where I was shouting at them to de-escalate, they refused

  19. Congratulations! Keep going and thanks for a quality post!

  20. I'm very sorry to hear this, I actually liked having her voice on the council

  21. In all honesty.......didn't this meeting already start when the legislators came into town following that herd of cattle that one dude learned the birds and bees from?

  22. Say punch and pie. More people will come if you say punch and pie.

  23. It's a good point, promise punch and pie, people will come, then claim it was some unknown random drive by shit posting troll....u know like me....I promise everyone there will be punch and pie! Bring your neighbors for the first annual Satan's punch and pie social.......we will be spiking the punch too! If your catholic bring that Jesus Juice to cleanse the herd as well. To the mormons, we will tolerate the presence of your funeral potato as well. Please share the recipe, they are delicious.

  24. There is big plans in the works already for all the land between Beacon Light and Shadow Valley. Its going to get crazy in the next 10 years.

  25. Oh yes, bye bye to those grass lands. I'm gonna miss the days of hauling ass down those empty highway stretches

  26. The best part about it is the cost to provide those city services out that far is gonna be ridiculous. They should go the route of hidden springs and become their own city state. Someone has to provide fire/ambulance/police to cover that area

  27. It's because people are cheap here, most will drive on a tire until it blows, especially trailer tires

  28. Probably, clean it up and put it out for rent again

  29. You need to connect to your campus. Just try one class and join a student organization to make friends. Tell them about your issues and you might get an accommodation too. The classes get better after you get your intro stuff done and are more degree specific

  30. They absolutely have been militarized. They are a domestic military force. The armed robots are the next addition that's gonna make them even more dangerous to be around.

  31. Unfortunately, I think it can be accomplished though it's a multi generational project

  32. Pfft we don’t believe in socializing for the greater good. It’s capitalism only me me me.

  33. Qualified immunity, make it a felony for a police officer to not have the body camera on. Problem solved.

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