[Breer] The league has officially suspended play for tonight, per the broadcast.

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  1. Solely firth, devil in I, my plague, left behind and purity have been on repeat for me lately

  2. The official cowboys Twitter is flaming their own team, check out the other tweets they’re posting. Sometimes the memes just make themselves

  3. That's because the official cowboys website actually does sports journalism and will criticize the team unlike most of their NFL counterparts. All season the cowboys media has been talking about none of the wrs being able to consistently help besides Ceedee. They constantly refer back to the bad decision to trade Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup struggling after his injury. Even today they are willing to move on from Kellen Moore, to see if another OC can help Dak clean up his issues. Otherwise look for a new QB in 2 years. If anyone followed along all season, they aren't saying anything new.

  4. Yeah I’m aware people have been saying that all season but your employers social media specifically trashing you is not a good look

  5. Worrying about a game that’s 3 weeks away, that’s some certified bitch talk

  6. 60k people is only about .00000075% of the word population. Not that makes it less sad that they died, but “world ending” seems a little dramatic

  7. I picked the Eagles, but the Giants could definitely pull off the upset

  8. O-L-D-E E-N-G-L-I-S-H 800

  9. I’m 23, just got a full time job and I’ll be graduating this spring so this will be the first time I have a consistent paycheck. So with that said I’m fine with it being down for a few years

  10. That's not really subpar. CPR is exhausting. After you've been trained you can give CPR for as long as you're physically able, but the hope is someone has called an ambulance and paramedics are going to relieve you

  11. Ig there was a miscommunication but I read it as “only do cpr for 3 minutes.” And I’ve been cpr certified for the past 5 years now, I’m aware it’s exhausting

  12. Thanks, I missed all five of those every time I got recertified

  13. The difference is they know majority of people will be leaving when the clock runs to 0. No one could’ve predicted this

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t there a stat around week 12/13 that if the broncos had scored just 18 points per game they would’ve been 11-1? Definitely think Rodgers could’ve achieved that at least

  15. Just accept the fact that we’re stanky this week and stop embarrassing us

  16. I've been told to cope more for saying it was a genuinely fun game to watch than for talking shit since last night lol

  17. I wouldn’t say they were ass. It was a really good game and fun to watch. Both teams came to play and that was refreshing.

  18. We weren’t ass but there were mistakes that shouldn’t have been made. That’s just how it be sometimes tho

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