1. What season was this again? I felt so bad for Joyce, Brandi was awful to her, probably becauase Joyce was youngee, prettier and happily married. In any case, it was a bad look for LVP, she is one of my favs but I will never understand why she enabled Brandi's behavior and just laughed off all the shit she did.

  2. Sooo beautiful!! I’m pretty sure your mochi is related to my pups. Aren’t the just perfect?!

  3. They are perfect! Pekis are so regal and smart little dogs❤️

  4. Thanks! She looks a bit moody but she had an awesome day with good food and toys:)

  5. My dog does the same with the pillows when she's in my bed. When we are about to sleep she does this until she falls sleep next to my neck

  6. Its funny how they seem to love to play with things bihher than themselves.

  7. Why are their signs saying mongols not allowed?

  8. Because "mongols eat too much meat and fight a lot" these are not my words, but my Mongolian friends'. Again, outright banning nationality from entering is not common here, so don't worry.

  9. Yes:/ it is, sadly. Again i dont think you'll face any issues like that. Most koreans are not bad, and will not give you any grief.

  10. I love this photo! Mochi, the ittle Rice Cake, so tired after the big night, & in the next photo he's with his Bichon Buddy!. . . . I also have a bichon as well as my 2 1/2 Peke boyz. Together, they're a delight, holiday or know. Have a great 1!

  11. Thanks! They are both rescues, Mochi is older and a bit grumpy at times but we love her so much! 🥰

  12. This may seem like a silly question but are you European?

  13. Yes! Scandinavian, hence Christmas on the 24th😀 but I live in South Korea.

  14. I just watched the first couple of episodes,..it's not a hit with me. The cast is so whiny and unlikeble, almost unnerving how similar Alexia is to Kyle in her voice, mannerisms, speaking , whining etc.

  15. I don't "love" Kathy, but in the context of RHOBH Rinna, Kyle and Erika are a lot worse. Especially Rinna, she was a bully and shit-stirrer from the get go.

  16. It was so petty, I feel like it was fake, a weak attempt at making a little drama. Maybe it was requested by the producers idk. This whole season was weird. Petty boring drama, Kane being...Kane, kevin and kim drama, the bizarre encounter with Drew etc. The only genuine moments seemed to be with kevin and his ex(?) And the Chiu's feritlity struggles. I couldn't care less about Kane, Kim, Anna, Jamie and Kelly.

  17. I'm glad I've decided to skip this season. From the trailer and posts here, it seems to be similar to season 2, which was just okay too.

  18. Yeah, it was boring. I don't need petty drama and arguments that stretches over several episodes, but I want lifestyle porn and at least somewhat compelling storylines.

  19. What happened to with the Chiu's fertility journey during season 3?

  20. Their ferility issues was addressed in season 3, albeit not that much, understandable though. I wish the best for them.

  21. It’s so fun to see their personalities come out. My Peke was basically mute for 3 months after coming home from the shelter—he didn’t even bark! He slowly came out of his shell. We’ve had him for a year now and he knows he’s the boss of this home 😂

  22. This one doesnt bark either, but she has started to play and lays down for bellyrubs!😊

  23. She is so lucky to have you! Thank you for saving her. What’s her new name?

  24. Peony, after the peke in the opening scene of The Last Emperor. She definitly thinks she's a little princess😄

  25. oh my goodness :) youre lucky to have gotten such a sweet little lady! how fkin adorable

  26. Hwaseong serial killer, used to live just minutes from there.

  27. The Frog Boys Case in South Korea. Breaks my heart to think about what those poor kids and their families went through.

  28. I think Kevin was justified in getting angry, Kane is such a snake. Also Kim kept toying with him, not cool. When it comes down to it I don't think neither Kim nor Kevin were serious about one another, but what Kane did was sneaky and not cool.

  29. Oh, I intend to look into it. The documentary was 2018, so I'm going to look it up. Because he comes off as a real fucking creep.

  30. The doc is from before 2018, I would also really like an update. The oldest daughter struck me as not being happy.

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