1. I have double brick paths around my plot and always go on Monday when the weeds spawn. I haven't had issues since using this method.

  2. I mean that's assuming they spend the entire 24 hours of a day playing. A better estimate would be to divide by potential hours of play per day (like 5 or 6). 300/5=60 days or two months of daily progress.

  3. I'm not saying that they only played for 12.5 days. I'm saying that hiding the mouse for 300 hours isn't as impressive as it sounds.

  4. It is definitely on the parents to punish, and fair enough I'll just use any excuse to do math honestly 😂

  5. me and my 45 chests filled with shit i have never used. best part is when i sell stuff any then i need it. pisses me off so bad

  6. I dump mine, scrub the boxes out, and replace the litter every ~2 months. And yes the trash bag is HEAVY but I also have 6 litter boxes. It depends on how they've been scooped for the previous two months. And how tired I am😂

  7. YTA. I get that it stinks and the litter should be cleaned. That's not justification for knowingly using something you know is harmful to the cat.

  8. I absolutely agree, there are so many pretty safe options that really help with the smell. I just wanted to hijack the top comment so far to recommend Arm and Hammer Double Duty Litter Deodorizer. I've got five cats and this stuff cuts the smell so fast and it's litter box and pet safe.

  9. Maxed hearts, 8 for romantic interests, 10 for everyone else, do not decay. Your spouse has 14 possible hearts, and decays at a rate of 20/day. 10x the normal rate. When you marry someone, any other boyfriends/girlfriends you have are locked at 8, and stop dating you.

  10. Unless you're me and carry a rabbit's foot everywhere and date everyone while I'm married to Haley 😂

  11. My favorite student from my first year teaching brought me a bag filled with Hershey's Cookies and Cream bars (FULL SIZE) I died and went to heaven that day.

  12. It can be great when everyone on shift pulls their weight. Mine also splits it based on hours worked that day. Sometimes if you're working with someone lazy it sucks but usually the owner doesn't keep them around long if that's an issue. It's nice to know that everyone is walking out with the same amount of money sometimes. It's also dependent on the clientele and restaurant. Definitely makes it easier to have a smaller section or a section with a couple two top tables. You don't stress about how that affects your money, you just do your best and work hard.

  13. Is that a tablet? If so please report the issue and how/when it happened in the official mobile bugs thread here:

  14. I thought Co-Op wasn't available on mobile? OP said it's a co-op farm.

  15. I went for a Greek theme for all my animals. I tried Greek gods/goddesses affiliated with the closest animal but then I just picked whatever Greek name I wanted. Trying to name my ostriches now....don't ask me why I have no fucking clue

  16. Once you run out of gods, you gotta move on to everyone the gods fucked over. Aracne, Medusa, Adonis, Echo, Psyche, Daphne, Helen… the list goes on.

  17. I agree with this. My dad was in OP's shoes when I was about 14, and he used his office ALL THE TIME when he wasn't at work. He packed it up and moved it to the living room even though it meant he'd lose some privacy, because it meant I would get my own room away from my younger sibling and have my OWN privacy. Now that I've moved out he frequently uses my desk to work, but I've told him repeatedly he should convert it back to his own office, and he refuses because 'then where would you sleep when you come visit'? He's a great dad and I am so glad he didn't give me the grief that OP is giving his daughter over an office he barely ever uses.

  18. My dad cut a hole in the roof and built another room on top of working 70-80 hours a week so my twin sister and I could have separate rooms when we hit puberty. He worked in the kitchen/dining room/den whenever he needed office space for charts. OP is just a selfish AH.

  19. Maybe a mod is interfering, I've only been able to get those statues at the frogs cave

  20. I got one last night in the cove, my first but hopefully not my last. I did have a luck boost though.

  21. Frog statue, I haven't had issues getting stingrays from the big pond. Same with the blue discus from the river and the lionfish from the sea. Stingray and lionfish are a bit annoying to catch but if you haven't encountered any of them yet then it may be an issue with your mods like others are saying.

  22. I thought those tiles you planted the trees and flowers on were unplantable (maybe even unhoable)

  23. They seem to be in the specific spots where the wild ginger sprouts up if that helps

  24. I actually found a CD of Stars music in my collection of Sailor Moon odds and ends. I haven't given it a listen in a while but I should break it out again.

  25. Yeah annoying blue LEDs can drive people to extreme MacGyvering I'm sure.

  26. I put googly eyes on my fiancé's computer monitor LED when it was in the bedroom because the blinking drove me mad

  27. You know I'm pretty sure those 'ornaments' are eggs

  28. Game time moves slower (7/9 speed) in the Skull Caverns, but food and drink durations are based on real world time. One espresso lasts 4 hours and 40 minutes inside instead of 6 hours elsewhere.

  29. Ahh that makes sense. I remember reading that game time is a bit slower in skull cavern but I hadn't made the connection on how that affected food and drink buffs.

  30. I ate a package of flavored tuna, a fruit cup, a mini stack of Ritz, a bag of chips, and some cheese that I picked up each week every day. Now that I'm out of the teaching game I finally get to add more variety. Like not eating at all!

  31. Customer goes into a Pizza parlor and asks for a pizza ...

  32. Can confirm, has happened to me. "I just want a regular pizza!"

  33. His special event he goes away to the city for a book reading/signing and then comes back with some really sweet dialogue.

  34. I use the Roomba and the Braava iRobot brands for my house. The Braava is a little older but we only use it for the kitchen. Three types of pads that tell the robot what you want done to the floor: sweep, light mop (like for hardwood), wet mop. The Roomba requires occasional maintenance cleaning but we got an advanced enough version with room mapping that helps it clean more efficiently. The Braava struggles with high floor transition pieces but the Roomba does well with mine.

  35. If you wear prescription glasses. Look at Zenni Optical I have bought a bunch of different prescriptions glasses from them over the last 10years and you can find frames starting at 6$

  36. I have 8 pairs from Zenni. I absolutely love that site.

  37. The hot springs restoring your energy. I also like to zoom with espresso.

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