Texas school district locked down on reports of shooter

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  1. I cringed at the shins into the car. Neverending bruises on both shins

  2. My little sisters name is Peyton and I’ve called her bean since she was a toddler. She’s 13 years younger than me and it was just a silly nickname I came up with for her. You could honestly use bean as a nickname regardless of what her actual name is.

  3. Came here to say this. My daughter's name is Harper, our last name starts with B. I call her Beans very frequently

  4. I didn’t feel this way because I have lots of experience with babies but my husband was SO NERVOUS about handling and caring for a newborn. Let me tell you it took him all of a day to sort himself out and now, two months in he’s an absolute pro. You’ll be fine! You’ll get used to it and more confident in yourself every day!

  5. My husband was exactly the same... Fast forward three weeks and he's holding the baby in one arm, vacuuming with the other and singing at the top of his lungs 😅. You learn quick when you have to!

  6. My 3yo needs to be Elsa. She already has a play costume, so no work there (winning). We decided to lean into it and make the baby Olaf (white sweatsuit, orange paint nose), I'll be Anna and 3yo has insisted that Dad should be Sven (NOT Kristoff, we asked 🤣)

  7. Seconding Alvas for pockets, but not their microfiber inserts. You need something else.

  8. 90% of our CDs are second hand Kawaii. They're awesome. They are on their 4th or 5th kid at this point and all we've had to do is replace elastics on some and bit a few additional inserts for night diapers. Total investment for 20 ish diapers was about $250-300. Highly recommend.

  9. In my professional opinion, that's too many goddamn ticks.

  10. You’re fine, it’s only for a few minutes. I used to babysit my siblings when I was 9 (they were 7, 3 and under 1), so that my mother could go grocery shopping.

  11. I'm in this camp as well, though seeing from this thread that I'm the minority. If I have a mobile order to pickup at a coffee shop/restaurant, where I know I'm basically walking in and walking back out, I will leave my 3 yo and 1 yo in the car with it locked, in sight, and running (remote start) if it's warm/sunny. If I'm going to run in for a couple minutes (like I have to buy a bag of ice at a gas station or something), I would leave the 3yo under the same conditions, but if the baby was along I would probably bring them both in because I'm worried if the baby started crying that someone would call the cops.

  12. My daughter has started aggressively rearranging the toys in her crib. She’ll be totally still and sleeping then bolt up saying NO NO NO and move her stuffies around. Then she pulls them all back in the same position and passes back out. What are you doing, sweet daughter, and why!!

  13. My muffin also has very strong opinions about where the toys need to be! She'll shuffle them one by one into pole position (the one in her arms), and then eventually she'll have to start over because the one she pulled in first is now pushed to the outside 🤣

  14. My 3.5y was in the car on the way home from daycare yesterday.... Asked her how her day was and she just deadpanned me and said "Ba-naaaaa-na."

  15. 2 things: the overturn of Roe v Wade doesn't take away your "right", it just puts the decision back into the states (btw, read the Constitution: nothing in there remotely associated with reproductive rights, ergo supreme court doesn't have/never had the authority to rule on it). There is no "what's next" because the courts decision is a precedent for giving power back to local govt, instead of arbitrary one size fits all policy at the federal level.

  16. How do you respond to the following: 1) allowing states to ban abortion, which the SCOTUS decision has allowed, fundamentally impedes the basic nationally granted rights of life and liberty? and 2a) Contraception is likely a second-level target for states that have or are implementing abortion band and 2b) access to contraception does not equal absence of a need for abortion? (I.e. wanted pregnancy results in fatal medical issues for mother and/or child, failed contraception, etc)

  17. I have a big stash of pre-owned that are mostly kawaii, and I LOVE them. Have also bought them directly from their site, I think they have specials every now and again

  18. Thank you. I wish “being a good teacher” just meant I was good at teaching ABCs and not how well I can protect them from gunfire or if I am willing to sacrifice my life for theirs. It’s shitty.

  19. It's incredibly shitty. Thank you for doing what you do.

  20. HR for a large corporation here. We have a third party survey administrator, no one at the company gets individual identifying data. I suppose if we received a threat or a comment that caused severe concern we could figure out who wrote something through our administrator, but no one in the organization could do that on their own. Verbatim comments are only shared with a few high-level people so as not to identify specific individuals. I would not give any verbatim comments to a manager, and they have no way of knowing who said what. We only report data when 5 or more people respond.

  21. After having my second baby it really clicked into focus for me that I needed to make tradeoffs, and I'm glad to say that I can unabashedly prioritize my kids while still being successful (enough for my personal needs) at my job. I work in a corporate gig for a restaurant brand, and I've started preaching to my team and my peers that "cheeseburgers are not the most important thing in your life, and they're certainly not worth losing your mind or your family over" It helps me stay in perspective.

  22. My baby is apparently a gangsta bc Dr Dre and Tupac calm her down 😂

  23. when we were doing some light sleep training with my first, she would randomly wake up and fuss without being hungry. We somehow learned that absolutely BLASTING gangster rap from the other room would settle her down. I think the bass vibrated the house and soothed her 🤣

  24. OH! This is suddenly a lot clearer to me now. Funnily enough I can deal with the full scale meltdowns but the low level grumbling really gets to me.

  25. So true.... It's the whining that will make me lose it sometimes. I think for me the big meltdowns are very clearly a sign of "this small human doesn't know how to behave and needs help" where the whining seems more insidious. I know it's not intentional, but because it's not accompanied by a total lack of control I think she should just be able to 'turn it off'.

  26. Is cornstarch controversial? I thought it was the safe alternative to baby powder.

  27. I used cornstarch allll the time with my first. Like the other commenter said, I was careful to keep it from getting airborne - we kept it in a Tupperware and just put it directly on her butt to absorb moisture.

  28. You didn't say eating less often. You said that children with stay at home parents are going to grow faster. And I'm saying that the caregiver of a child does not impact how fast they grow, unless that caregiver is over or underfeeding a child. So unless the daycare provider/sitter isn't feeding the kid enough, why would they grow more slowly?

  29. I think that like mom’s and dads that are home full time with their baby know their hungry vs not hungry cues better than a daycare worker does is what they’re implying.

  30. But knowing hunger cues doesn't mean a kid's going to eat more or less. It might mean that a SAHM would breastfeed at 1:30 when daycare might not feed until 1:45 because they have to warm up a bottle. But that doesn't translate to different growth patterns....I just think that statement is fundamentally wrong at best, and offensive at worst.

  31. Other folks on here have given you wonderful advice. I just wanted to say that my heart is with you and your children. I'm sending you warmth and light. I wish you peace, strength and healing.

  32. "Terrible baby but may have a future career as a velociraptot"

  33. I am so proud of you, breaking the cycle is immensely hard and you are doing it. So pat yourself on the back, you are not sucking at parenting, you are fighting through triggers and staying non-violent. That is hard. It is worth praise. I don't know if you are on TikTok but I follow a content creator there who does great work on cycle breaking, dealing with triggers, etc.

  34. Thank you for this. Total lightbulb moment for me, I've been trying to just push it down instead of allowing myself to have the feeling and communicating about it to my 3yo.

  35. Learning to balance talking about my feelings to my child as he was little in a way that was healthy but not making him responsible for my feelings, is literally how I learned to talk about my feelings instead of not just pushing them down all the time. I mean yes I did therapy on this and read books and all kinds of things to try to help but it was parenting that made it click. And I guess that is what they mean by reparenting your inner child.

  36. You're so right. It's a completely new lens with which to reflect upon yourself. Thank you for sharing.

  37. I know it's a necessity nowadays due to both parents working and not having grandparents at home, but to leave literal infants at a day care in a stranger's care everyday must be emotionally very taxing.

  38. Can confirm; for me it was an incredibly strange feeling to set my firstborn down on a playmat in her daycare room on the first day (14w old) and just.... Walk away. I'm not a super emotional person so it wasn't the all-consuming sadness some parents feel, but it definitely just feels.... wrong, for awhile.

  39. Haha man I’d be thrilled if they rush my kid through all my milestones. “Little Bobby walked, used the toilet and opened his own 529 because he knows you can’t think past your next meal.”

  40. A lot of this varies though! For example I didn't bleed as long as "average" and breastfeeding was overall a good experience for me. Still painful at first but after a couple of months it started being an enjoyable bonding time (baby smiling at you while nursing is so precious but I know this isn't everyone's experience and that's totally fine!) I also didn't have big issues delivering the placenta or with fundal massages or internal healing. My biggest issue was probably general soreness and my stitches took longer than normal to heal (couldn't sit comfortably for many weeks!) Meanwhile my sister who gave birth the same time as I did managed to be up and moving in just a few days. Going up and down the stairs had me nearly fainting. There's no way to know what you're in for, so just be prepared for the worst and hopeful for the best!

  41. V true. All that I listed, and I honestly felt pretty good within a week after delivery with my first. Like I wasn't out running, but I was taking walks around the neighborhood with the stroller, and generally able to do normal activities (cook, grocery shop, etc.)

  42. I love that for you! I didn't attempt a walk until my first was 10 days old, and I barely made it past a few blocks before telling my husband we had to go back because I felt so faint!

  43. Same with my second - it's crazy how much it can differ between experiences!

  44. My uncle took my nephew to preschool (had just turned 4) and when he got home he noticed the fish was no longer in its fishbowl. On a hunch, he called the school and had the teacher check his pockets... Low and behold there's little Franky or Freddy or whatever his name was, caked in lint and crumbs. Turned out he had asked to take him for show and tell and of course been told no. He had decided he'd do it anyway and just be sure to put him back after school.

  45. A few months ago I realized I had a mouse living in my car, surviving off my toddler's crumbs. Put a trap in overnight, caught it, then sent the car for a detailing. So gross.

  46. I'm honestly terrified of the first time we bring LO onto an airplane, especially for an extended flight. I've heard that some new parents will introduce themselves to their neighbors on the plane and hand over some ear plugs?

  47. I feel like if you want to do this and it would make you feel comfortable, do it. But also, I think other people can deal. While unpleasant, it's certainly worse for your kid and you as the parent than it is for everyone else. So I guess I wouldn't feel obligated to take on one more thing when traveling with your little one.

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