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  1. These are cool! Do you sell woodworks themselves or just the drawings? Either way it's impressive.

  2. Thank you so much! Yes I do sell the originals!

  3. Very cool! I am so jealous of anyone with artistic talent.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Wood burning? I love the colors

  5. You are very skilled, I love mushrooms, and this is really cool! Gorgeous work!!

  6. May I ask from whom? I’m looking at Elisecavapoopups.com and their prices are suspiciously low - like $700-$750.

  7. Oh gosh It was a scam putting on a front as a family on Facebook that were rehoming their dog.

  8. would you say listening to a man who is morbidly obese, says his dick doesn't work, looks like he's 60 in his 30s and pops antidepressants like it's candy is a better option?

  9. I'm sorry for you. This is such a sad take.

  10. Here here well said. I want to be Olivia's bestie

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