1. Yep it's enough... tell me though... Have you written a book on never making mistakes or having sex with a rando? I think everyone's done that, but have never slipped and fell, or gotten a flat tire? Have you ever been drunk and hungover... don't you get bored?

  2. Girlll you are lashing out cause your 47 and pregnant. If you want to keep it, kept it. If you don’t, don’t. Abortion has obviously moved a lot in progress on how it works since you last had one. But it’s looking at your situation, not wise to have one. But that’s your choice. Congrats

  3. I will say I used to be the same. I was an advent anti weed person and I wouldn’t even be friends with people that smoked. And then I smoked one day, and I realized it wasn’t that bad lol. And now I’m open to a lot more stuff, but it’s not bad to not want to smoke. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, so just set boundaries. But also you have your whole life ahead of you so don’t be afraid to change your mind

  4. If me and my friend were both high I could totally do it

  5. This shit made me jump out of my seat I was so scared

  6. Yes. I live in a red state so it’s like every other photo

  7. I say do it. Watch how to change your mind on Netflix. It talks about people with ptsd and aniexty overcoming they’re issues with various drugs

  8. One time I let a guy buy me McDonald’s and smoke me out and he tried to finger me in the car. So I don’t do it anymore lol. But I don’t think it’s very commen to do full glam for some tenders and fries.

  9. Tiktok. Turns your attention span to mush and spreads misinformation like Covid

  10. I love it! I love Christmas music and I’m so happy they made some

  11. I literally just went to Walgreens today. And I go to this one location often so I know the clerk. And today he asked me if I wanted to sign up for a Walgreens credit card, and I was like “um no I’m good” and he asked again and said “are you sure?”. Like my credit is not even good enough to get a credit card but I hope this is not happening behind the scenes at all Walgreens.

  12. Vasectomy seems to be the answer here. It is your choice but they are reversible if you decide you want kids later

  13. I (F) worked in a bunch of restaurants and most people say no when asked out by customers just cause you can get in trouble for giving out your number to customers or hitting on them or anything like that. But if you look like a supermodel they might break the rules and do it lol. I have seen it before

  14. You could play tug or fetch with him for like 10 min before the walk. Tire him out about and see if he lunges less

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