1. @stickystapler we are waiting for your u2.5 and u4.5 picks! We’ve made a lot of money the past days! C’mon🫰🤝💸

  2. Hi, sorry but it seems I am unable to find your formula. Would you be willing to help out? Thanks!

  3. I will try this theory for tomorrow. 25 games, with odds 1.05 - 1.10 U4.5 and U2.5 HT.

  4. Liverpool to win and 1.5 goals is @1.43 almost everywhere:)

  5. Unfortunately, there is no way to make the hotspot stay turned on for a longer period of time. I am annoyed of this feature as well and hopefully Apple will improve it.

  6. Yup, it definitely is. I have the same thing after updating the device to iOS 16.2

  7. Mislis Mirza da ce uspjet Argentinci 2:0 ? Volio bi da Hrvatska prodje i da bude finali sa Marokom

  8. Everyone doubted you 😂 -21 all about to be erased

  9. slusaj ovog lika jucer je 4 utakmice pogodio

  10. Note that even with this setting enabled, some apps don’t seem to care and still wants to open Mail.

  11. Wow if this works I’ll be so happy. Thanks a lot!

  12. Ok, here goes. Long time lurker and its time to share tips and start discussions.

  13. Hi, sadly I don’t have any information about the jacket nor about the person that wears it.

  14. https://www.amazon.com/HJWWIN-Cotton-Military-Multi-pockets-Working/dp/B09PJ62NPK

  15. Damn! These are great! Thank you so much and sorry for the trouble.

  16. Maybe this will be another 3 goals in 10 minutes like Milan lol.

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