1. Today I learned that Centipoid is also in the reboot. I don’t know as much about the reboot as I know with legacy.

  2. I really hate the mindset of “doing or being (insert sexuality, gender or behavior here) makes cis straight respect us less”. Lesser known genders or sexualities aren’t what makes the LGBT+ community less respected. Being “less cringe” doesn’t mean that you’ll get respect either. Homophobes and transphobes will exist no matter how many sexualities and genders there are. It’s really sad when some LGBT+ people put some identities under the bus in an attempt to get homophobes and transphobes to like them more.

  3. I really like Bakugan, both the original and the reboot. In the state where I live, it seems like not a lot of people are interested. I haven’t met someone in real life who likes Bakugan.

  4. Some people (like that woman) take innocent things the worst way possible. I think trying to gatekeep people from wearing clothes they like is stupid. Like the other comments said, real people can’t queerbait.

  5. I lowkey wanted to be him when I was a kid. His jacket was cool, Helios was awesome, he was my favorite character next to Dan.

  6. When I was a kid, my favorite character was actually Shun. He’s very reclusive and he’s a ninja! Now that I’m an adult, I get to see that lot of other characters are really cool too.

  7. Amongst gender studies scholars it is largely held that Gender identity is almost entirely constructed. Also, social constructions and influences play a huge role in modifying your neurobiology.

  8. Maybe that’s why I’m having trouble figuring out what it feels like to be a man or a woman (for me). I feel like I’m both a man and a woman, and both of those feel separate from each other, but I’m not sure why they’re different (for me at least).

  9. Women voicing male characters isn't that uncommon

  10. Women usually voice male characters if the character is a child. Marucho from the same show is an example of this. Ingram isn’t a child. Also, evolution doesn’t equal aging.

  11. I feel like if I knew about trans people when I was kid, my egg would’ve cracked earlier.

  12. I kind of had the reverse of this happen to me. I was in school plays when I was in high school. On the closing night of the plays, we would get posters to write nice things to each other. During one of the these plays, a guy I had a crush on wrote “I love you” on my poster. He even put a heart around what he wrote. We were actually friends and got along, so I assumed he was confirming he had a crush on me. I confessed my feelings after the play, but I think my language was a little vague. It was late, so he was tired. On the next day, he confirmed through text that he didn’t have a crush on me.

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