1. I think you smoked it all before posting this because it doesn’t make sense.

  2. And did you get it winterized? Possible they did it manually through the valves and left them open?

  3. We tell people with the Rachio they can work great at first but they do eventually stop updating them and they become unusable and there’s zero customer support. So almost a throw away controller.

  4. So overrated. And the place had a thick layer of greasy dust on everything above five feet.

  5. I went there with friends a few years back and the dust creeped me out so bad I barely ate my food.

  6. Same, I went for a work Christmas party and took maybe 3 bites. Also had a bum stealthily follow us to the door because I wouldn’t give him money.

  7. Why does nobody post the part of the video where the other person actually accuses and then is told about the dash cam? Probably more entertaining than the actual accident.

  8. Because most dashcams aren't hardwired to the battery so they shut off after you turn off the ignition. So if you turn off the car like you're supposed to when you get out of the car it stops recording

  9. It depends on the manufacturer of the car and how it was hooked up so assuming that’s the case is kind of close minded. I think alot of people exaggerate the details but that’s just me also being a bit close minded.

  10. The best part is that her and Ed HATED each other off set even more than on the show lmao

  11. I deleted mine for 2 years and it really puts things into perspective when no one notices your absence.

  12. this is what a porn addiction does to a motherfucker

  13. Being so desperate to see someone's genitalia that you would click on a NSFW post on

  14. As a semi-redneck, truck driving male I can confirm this does not make any sense and/or is missing context (somehow…)

  15. He also has a tonneau cover so he’s mainly dropping the tailgate to get out his groceries

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