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  1. I like those valves and that’s all we use on new installs. Easy to pop it open and do whatever.

  2. The little kid hiding under the mannequin would have been me. I was the kid trying to hide in the middle of the circular clothes rack while my mom yelled for me to "get over here, now".

  3. I know this sounds bad but idc, why do young African Americans never fight fair

  4. People grew out their hair during the COVID lockdowns.

  5. As far as strains I’ve found Rollins to be the most relaxing. No worse way to start than getting a strain that causes major anxiety and this one won’t!

  6. I personally would never have the ability to do this to my own son. But it does really make you wonder,,,, wtf did those little bastards do?

  7. They portray the guy that died as if he was some sort of murder victim. I assume he was being paid for the work despite the blindfold stuff.

  8. 3rd time this has happened.. it's like thee grooves are backwards inside the top cover.. luckily, the inside content is great (hell on wheels d&s), and now it I super easy to open, but really!?!?!?

  9. It looks like the molding for the cap had a portion at the bottom that should’ve been cut off but instead it just sealed it shut

  10. This is something that has stayed with me. I was watching a video along the lines of “teen gets fucked hard” or whatever and the camera zoomed in on the dudes hand rubbing the girls bean and he says the creepiest thing ever when talking about her vagina and says “oh my god, it looks like a newborn baby”.

  11. And to think however many years later an entire platform would be created doing exactly what you were doing already!!

  12. Ok then supply i see you lol. I had supply a while back and it was very stemy. I may have to give ‘em another chance .

  13. I smoke throughout most days and prefer flower. I think I get the best bang for my buck and conserve with any high thc BR sativa smoked out of my bong. Even their lower thc stuff usually slaps too.

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