1. Ahh, polished off power button symbol, just like on my Cube.

  2. wonder how that happens, is it just years of use? someone cleaning the shell super aggressively? a non-power button decal shell variant? The back text is still on the case, so I don't think it was a issue of the case being buffed. Weird, first time I ever saw this. Didn't even notice it until you pointed it out.

  3. I polished off mine by accident, because the top was scratched the most and was the most visible. It was my first vintage Mac and I had no experience with polishing. May be could have been just excesive cleaning, in the end, it’s just printed on acrylic.

  4. I like it a lot! You took the best parts about that style and polished it. Your pictures are really nice as well.

  5. Delicious! What version of Mac OS are you running?

  6. I’m also interested to hear what products and techniques were used for polishing. And would the same technique be usable on other polycarbonate macs of that period (eg. the LCD flat panel cinema displays, G4 towers and Cube, etc.)?

  7. HyperDock has been buggy for a long time. Even on Mojave, when I have CPU and RAM intensive tasks going on, HyperDock loses it's mind and needs to be reset to prevent from hijiacking clicks (which sometimes is hard, considering the clicks have already been hijacked). That aside, the scroll icon to hide is the GOAT feature macOS misses, it's so good.

  8. Strangely this doesn't look as big as a 20" and I have found (and bought) 3x 20" in the last 12 months. Never saw one for sale before and after the last one here in Switzerland but then I got them and all for a nice price and in good condition.

  9. I don’t think this is 20” either. Still good tho.

  10. Nice! I am doing something similar, but instead of transcoding and cropping to MPEG2, I’m taking a VIDEO_TS source and just remuxing it to a .mpeg file. Watching them on a 466Mhz PowerMac G4 with Mac OS 9.2.2 and the CRT Apple Studio Display.

  11. I’d lick it. Putting these machines (not too) close to natural light always looks best, as in this case too.

  12. Not the biggest fan of Mastodon and neither the biggest hater of twitter, however new apps for old systems are always wonderful to see! Hope this runs on OS9 some day too.

  13. Looks interesting! When is it scheduled to premiere?

  14. This is my favorite Apple display design. The power and brightness buttons are the chefs kiss. How’s the panel holding up? Any discoloration?

  15. Thanks! I replaced the inverter board. I think the part was maybe $45? It worked like new after that, until I sold it with that G5.

  16. Downvote for gangnam style on all screens. Just kidding, whatever floats your boat haha.

  17. Hah, I was trying to annoy a friend that dislikes that viral song even more than I do. :-)

  18. Back in iOS 5 days I’d do this a lot - install a bunch of cracked stuff first, use it for a while and if I actually find value, purchase it, otherwise uninstall what I didn’t find use for. This is the basic principle of piracy, it’s how it’s meant to be used. That being said sometimes installing pirated stuff did cause issues and in fact, at some point I installed malware and had to do a restore.

  19. X was part of the branding and the minor version number indicated the release level, the leap from 10.14 to 10.15 isn’t less significant than the leap from 10.15 to 11.

  20. I have a theory Apple did this because Windows reached 11 and Apples marketing was like - we can’t be less than Windows, people will think we are way behind.

  21. Yeah, especially since macOS 11 came out in 2020 and Windows 11 came out in 2021.

  22. Pārāk maz, Sarķenē nekā nav, jābrauc pa zemes ceļu, tad tur, kur mašīnas brauc, pēc tam pa bedrainu ietvi

  23. Piekrītu. It kā risinājums ir, bet absurds tajā, ka lai tiktu uz tā veloceļa no mīlgrāvja puses pirmkārt ir jāiziec cauri debīlam tunelim. Kurš vispār iet no turienes? Labāk no rajona caur mežu būtu uztaisījuši, tuvāk sarķenei kā nekā ir vismaz gājēju pāreja, tas jau ir labāk par tuneli.

  24. Quirky aesthetic, even the monitor keyboard and mouse somehow manage to look 90’s.

  25. Thanks! I got super lucky a couple years ago and found a "new old stock" 3rd-party protective speaker cover for a few bucks on eBay. After replacing the smushed-in original speaker, I installed the cover and it looks / works great

  26. I am curious, what is the name of this product?

  27. There’s no commercial adapter for the CRT version of this display. But for the LCD versions there is a breakout box that converts it to DVI made by Apple, and some made by third parties. (Griffin made one I think)

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