1. We're all collectively happy for Taeyang, as the president of erigom/idolgom. It's been years in the making and his dream finally came true. He got his attention on his own merit without using his connections. So happy to see them both dancing in the same frame.

  2. KAI socializing with artists outside SM is the content I've been waiting for. I know the struggle that must've been for his introverted ass. He and Momo ate, as is to be expected.

  3. literally! just people tryna be negative about this comeback for no reason

  4. They have a hatred boner for him and then this released and it just gave them the hail mary pass they were waiting for.

  5. that's the only explanation i can think of😪

  6. The irony of the lyrics just went straight over their heads. Man said "let's just stay in our own lanes", and they've failed to do that.

  7. I was not ready!! I'm freaking out. That was everything I didn't know I needed. Best title track yet.

  8. It's Bulgarian. Not sure if it'll end up being a sample or a remake of Mr Rover by Dara. I love it. Can't wait to see what he does with it.

  9. Maybe I don't understand the other comments joking but I find this disturbing or at the very least mean. Is she making fun of someone for looking over their shoulder and calling the a psychopath for it? I just legit don't understand

  10. No, she's saying she gets anxious walking when she feels someone is following her. A feeling a lot of women get. She just points out and finds it funny because in the end we're all 'following' someone who gets the same feeling.

  11. And he did it again. That beat, his little 'mmmh', the aesthetic, the callback to his ballet roots, love the Billy Elliott reference. He elevates himself with each release. I get it now, Rover, cause he wanders with different identities. Wonder if he'll incorporates his power into it somehow or keep it grounded. Monday can't come fast enough.

  12. This video is making it hard for me to stay in a bad mood today.

  13. It's the fact they are also doing it in the rain that makes me smile.

  14. My core hurts looking at the footwork at that mountain climber-looking move. Only the fit ones are going to attempt that choreo.

  15. First thing that popped into my head was, I thought I was ready but I ain't ready! How can one person be so versatile in concepts?

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