1. MCC is the best collection of video games in existence right now. Massive redemption arc from where they started, even if it did take many years. Match composer, steam workshop mod support and CGB are a blast.

  2. Why would they change the engine when the gameplay is the one universally loved thing?

  3. gameplay may be universally loved, but what is universally hated is the lack of content and the extremely long times between content updates.

  4. That makes perfect sense, thanks! Hopefully it retains that classic halo feel that made us initially love the game.

  5. I certainly hope so too, because when Infinite is functioning as its meant to (no lag, desync, blank melees etc.) it is an absolute gem.

  6. Considering the technical bankruptcy that 343 is (allegedly) facing, the extreme loss of engine knowledge with all the layoffs, and the fact that 343 said they would continue to develop games, I wonder if they fix up Slipspace or develop new games on a different platform.

  7. currently in development by the community, check out their twitter:

  8. There is a twitter thread with clips very similar to this

  9. my pc does the same bing bonging all day , do you claim yours via the mobile app or pc app ?

  10. I actively do not claim it in the hopes that MS has some AI crap that will notice my behaviour and stop prompting me. Clearly has not worked lol

  11. Looks like burn in, the shape and location are typical for most live sports. Check your warranty if it’s covered. I’m going through same issue.

  12. How interesting, sports is very rarely played on this TV

  13. Is it permanently on 80 oled brightness regardless of sdr hdr content?

  14. Unless there's a TV setting which changes the OLED brightness, it's always at 80

  15. Well they struggled for basically half a year with networking the normal players, add the fact that theater/observer is still an innacurate mess. I would argue that join in progress observer is quite a ways out

  16. this is promising, but I wouldn't be surprised if it takes another 100 days for them to actually publish a proper fix

  17. I own an LG C1 with a Samsung eArc soundbar, mine auto connects to the soundbar maybe 75% of the time, and the other 25% it will use TV speakers on boot and I have to manually set the audio to Arc in the settings. Quite frustrating and I am yet to find a fix

  18. Barely anything supports AV1 yet. Seems like a waste of time vs things people can use now

  19. RTX 3000 series, AMD RX6000 series and Intel 11th gen and newer all support AV1 decode. Not too sure about TVs and streaming sticks but I know my LG C1 also has AV1 support. Not the most but still a decent chunk of hardware that does have the capability. Considering the space and bandwidth savings, it definitely isnt a waste of time IMO

  20. This is not exclusive to Halo infinite. There are ping fluctuations on MCC as well. I checked the server list last night — locations I used to ping 25-30 to now jump to 50+.

  21. Personally, I have the exact same ping with no fluctuations on MCC, and high ping fluctuation and packet loss in Infinite. Nearly all of Microsoft's services including Xbox Live are hosted on Azure (

  22. Now that the coop will be done I hope the networks team can focus on desync.

  23. They've acknowledged issues like desync, blank shots and blank melee registration and said that they would be pushing updates in the Winter Update as well as throughout the rest of the year. They have not acknowledged any fixes for the issue listed here

  24. AV1 video extension is installed, but doesn't make a difference because my CPU has no hardware AV1 decode support at all. Also the video is vp9, not AV1.

  25. It's honestly great news that they're able to replicate it on their end. Being a server/online issue means its no longer in no man's land. I wish them luck on continuing to resolve the issue!

  26. damn I should work at 343 because I can replicate the issue in like 90% of matches /s

  27. Technical issues are understandable and part of the course in any software, but having server issues for nearly 100 days now (

  28. were those 5 streams of 4k or 1080?

  29. I've actually moved on from iGPU transcoding as this docker container started having issues for me with flashes of green and pink. I dont know if these issues have been fixed or not. When it was working fine, I was able to do 5 transcodes of 1080p no worries. I didnt have any 4k content at the time to test

  30. this is pathetic in comparison to proper server selection in MCC, but still welcome

  31. Witcher 1-3 is REDEngine, the future Witcher games will be on UE5.

  32. Is it just me or did Linus show his address when he pulled up Amazon?

  33. well its private now, so definitely could have happened

  34. All games are now made to suit and tailor eSports and streamers lol how do you not know this

  35. they are tailored around maximum interaction and money spending.

  36. no doubt it will help, but it definitely wont save the game. A battle royale wont save the game either. What they need to do first and foremost is to fix the networking issues this game has.

  37. there really is no excuse for this game to not have server selection. MCC has full server selection and that game has to do matchmaking for 7 fucking games at once, why is it so hard for 343 to do it with 1 in their latest game?

  38. So I’m confused by MCC multiplayer - do you have to buy MCC if you just want to play Halo reach multiplayer for instance?

  39. Im pretty sure you can individually buy each game in MCC, so you should be able to just buy Halo Reach

  40. The competitive players need to be more outspoken about this game. Considering for some god forsaken reason they’re 343’s main target audience.

  41. they may be 343s target audience, but even then they dont fucking listen to them:


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