1. emma has one of the strongest things on the internet, a cult following

  2. Do they immediately buy whatever gets featured in her videos? Do things go like out of stock or something?

  3. WLR's current biggest "fans" in the comment section right there

  4. one thing for sure is that they’re definitely trying to diversify

  5. theres soul reapers who are much more dangerous than unohana and ishiin, who didnt even make the war potential list

  6. TLDR: just be adventurous with your partner. make the effort to actually go on dates to new places. travel to a completely new country. try food from a culture you’re unfamiliar with

  7. Those artists who you mentioned was not that good when they were “underground” they gat better after they became “mainstream” the problem is the music industry is so overwhelmed whit artists that non of them will stay as long as the previous generation sadly Tik Tok fukd everything up

  8. before tiktok, there was nothing to do so people had to LOOK for music (2016-2018)

  9. i genuinely feel its bad to compare them because they blew up in different eras

  10. i aint even gon lie, as soon as i hear anybody even say happy birthday, im out

  11. dude, im genuinely trying my best to stay neutral on trippie but god damn that nigga is ass

  12. so what’s the difference between this and post malone merch

  13. Dude it’s different to take inspiration from something from a different generation like Deftones, than completely bite something from an underground artist when you’re a mainstream star and give no credit😹

  14. there is absolutely 0 benefits from refraining from sex/masturbation

  15. Y’all ever just spend 3 hours contemplating whether to go to the gym, finally decide to do it, go and do the bare minimum reps with minimal weight?

  16. My question wasn’t what to do, it was if anyone has been in a similar situation and fixed it

  17. yes, and this is the answer from someone who’s been in a similar situation and fixed it

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