Senator Sinema in Senate Banking Committee Hearing March 28th, 2023 to Michael Barr Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve: "When people on Reddit and Twitter can spot bank mismanagement before the regulators, something is terribly wrong." Video clip at 03:05:00

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  1. Thank you for the reminder because I forgot about it. Can I ask a big favor of you? I have a busy day. Can you figure out the 3 closest for me and tag or PM me the names so I can reach out to them ? Feel free to tell me to shove it

  2. Insert WOWS meme, pump up them numbers... I converted a human into an APE this week... im doing what I xan... im awaiting a confirmation of amount purchased..yet ill have some circles soon to share! 🙃

  3. Me and you specifically? Is that the woman that I bought a drink for when we were on vacation?

  4. An early adopter of DRS and helped pave the way. I used the instructions in the following link to submit my first DRS transfer request in July of 2021:

  5. Ahh. 🫡 I am surprisingly not familiar with that name. I salute you and him!

  6. Open an account with Fidelity. When it asks you how you want to fund your account, select transfer from another brokerage. Fidelity will pull your shares from Robinhood. This will take roughly 3 days maybe less.

  7. Thank you!! More to come! Buying a few more for myself and my GF soon 😁

  8. We need to help educate the masses outside of Reddit about both DRS and that GameStop is not a dying brick and mortar video game store (sell collectibles, etc.) Apes buying will help. Everyone buying and DRSing will explode!

  9. How’s the month of March looking for new accounts?

  10. Only 1200 so far. The statement date on this one is March 15. This was the only high score in March so far. There have been a lot of new purple circle posts in the last ~2 weeks though. Also, DRSGME.ORG traffic spiked up recently. So, I’m fairly confident there will be another high score or 2 with a March statement date. Educating the masses outside of Reddit is definitely the way!


  12. Make account at interactive brokers. Buy shares (one is enough). DRS them. More info on

  13. Nothing I've posted to this sub has been reported as spam, so I can only assume it's been happening in other communities. I'll be reaching out to them soon to verify.

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