1. Thanks! Glad I held out in hopes that 30% off went to 40% for cyber Monday because of the preview they did a month ago

  2. I got the mini fridge last year with a bundle! I really like their HA serum and eye cream

  3. Is it the yerba mate eye cream that you like? Does it sting at all? For some reason I always assumed it might.

  4. Yes! I haven’t had any issues with stinging but I also don’t usually have sensitivities with eye creams

  5. Always grateful for free things, but strange they didn’t provide a charging cable so now I have to go out and buy one in order to use this…

  6. Disappointed this isn’t 40% off like the cyber week preview last month

  7. Maybe that's coming Monday...for whatever's not sold out 😒

  8. I think Tarte is going to have 40% off on their site for Black Friday this year and it should include sets!

  9. Love the pureology hydrate (purple) line! It’s super hydrating and the formula is very concentrated so the shampoo lasts so long.

  10. So sad I talked myself out of the holiday must have minis, now that I want it again it’s oos

  11. If you live near a store you could check to see if they have it in stock. The store near me had a bunch left!

  12. I got the Sephora Collection skincare set too! That was such an amazing deal! I just tried the moisturizer last night and so far, my skin agrees with it!

  13. Sephora collection has great skincare and makeup that’s relatively affordable!

  14. I got mine already - I ordered Oct 18th, it shipped Oct 20th and I received it Oct 25th

  15. I believe there’s supposed to be 20% off full sized fragrances later this year?

  16. Which month was the Beauty for All event?

  17. It was December 3-12 last year and it was a single use code 20% off

  18. I made a post sharing a list someone posted about last year’s Black Friday sales by brand

  19. Sets that stood out to me, would be the Saie highlighter duo, the milk primer and setting spray set, the Sephora favorite sets

  20. Second the milk primer set! For $1 more than the primer you get the full size primer and a mini setting spray.

  21. has anyone tried the pureology shampoo and conditioner? thoughts?

  22. Both are HGs of mine! Shampoo is super concentrated so you only need a little and the bottle lasts awhile

  23. Terms: 20% off will be applied to your next order. Expires on 11/17/2022. Valid for orders over $100. Max. $40 off. Offer is only available for orders from Sephora, The Body Shop, Bath & Body Works and Harmon Face Values.

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