1. What’s in it that makes it better than just the $5 rose water spray from the grocery store? I’d never heard much hype about it so I never tried it because I figured it would be the same as any other rose water spray.

  2. Most of the Glossier limited edition products have been available for weeks or months after their initial release. Products like cookie butter BDC were here for over a year

  3. Yeah but there’s been a change in leadership since then and they seem to be stocking differently, so the LE products may be meant to stick around but the stock isn’t lasting long enough and the restock time is long enough that people aren’t confident in restocks even happening

  4. A nice person who works at the Philadelphia store told me on Monday that Glossier is going to release a more full-coverage skin tint.

  5. Ooh sounds nice, i like out tint tho it would be great if we got a more full coverage concealer

  6. Yeah, stretch concealer doesn’t help much with covering actual acne or dark circles. For me it’s best for toning down redness but I can’t get it to build up enough to hide a zit

  7. Oh thank god, finally. I feel like the current one does nothing when I actually have something like acne that I would want to cover up

  8. The blue Brita filter is supposed to get out the lead and other stuff that the water treatment facility already got out and then my building’s old-ass pipes put back in

  9. South Street has lost just about all of it’s original charm. If you don’t live near the area, I don’t see the point of traveling there. Outside of a few small antique shops, the food isn’t that fantastic there. The bars are overrated. It’s insane at night. It doesn’t need 25 head shops.

  10. Bringing out-of-towers to Joe’s was my only reason to go to South Street, but then it caught on fire and has yet to reopen

  11. Keep your pace slow and steady, and also keep your skin elastic enough to bounce back instead of sagging by keeping it moisturized and eating foods that contain collagen, like bone broth soups (chicken noodle, pho, etc), chicken and salmon skin, and gelatin-based foods.

  12. Yep. It’s not always easy, and harder if you’re plus size, but there are ways. Number one is wear what you have and try not to buy anything to add to your wardrobe. Rewear, rewear, rewear. This can be especially tough in the age of social media, but I promise nobody is judging you as an outfit repeater—this is not Lizzie McGuire. Number two is if you have to buy something, buy it secondhand from a thrift shop or an online marketplace like Poshmark, Depop, Mercari, or ThredUp. You can also try organizing a clothes swap with friends if you know anyone who wears about your size. If you own something that doesn’t quite work for you anymore, look up a YouTube video for how to alter it so that it will work for you, because you don’t need to know how to sew for a lot of the hacks that are out there.

  13. it’s so annoying that it’s LE, it’s my favorite bdc tint/smell wise so i made sure to get quite a few backups before they sold out

  14. It’s my new favorite too—I’m actually kind of sad that I got it because now I know I’m doomed to one day run out forever

  15. yea that's what i mean like i know that all sets will be included in BF sale, but the only thing i can think of as to why they're giving this "sets sale" an end date is if the new recent "limited time only" sets will be gone after 11/23

  16. It’s probably because they don’t want people to think they get 20% off on top of another 20% off if they buy sets on BF.

  17. You seem to like some of the deeper Ultralip shades like Ember, Cachet, and Vesper, so with that in mind I’d recommend Jam as your Gen G shade.

  18. I missed the launch by a couple of days because I didn’t realize quite how limited edition it was going to be, and put my email down to be notified for restocks in a vain hope that they’d bring some back for BF. I’m really bummed I didn’t get on the hype train earlier because I was actually wishing for an Ultralip similar to my fave Trench but slightly less orange, which Pisces seems to fit perfectly.

  19. If you’re willing to be flexible about formula, I’ve seen people saying that Gen G in Fuzz is a pretty similar color to Pisces. Someone posted a comparison swatch in October, and it looks plausible. Maybe with clear gloss over top to give it that shiny finish?

  20. Did they still have Swiss miss when you were at the Philly store? I’m going tomorrow and am literally praying it’s there lol

  21. Yes, as of close of business today

  22. I was at the Philly store today and an associate said that lip trio was new, like to the point they don’t have it out in the store yet

  23. I remember the lip trio being on the website a while ago because it was in my cart. Not sure why an associate would say that. Plus, do they even have those kinds of sets in the store? How would u pick ur shades?

  24. Another person explained how sets work in-store perfectly (you just tell the associate what set and shades you want and they put it together out of individual items), and as for the lip trio, I saw another post saying that Glossier is bringing back 5 sets on a limited-time basis for Black Friday, so they probably had it last year (or had it in the past and then got rid of it) and are bringing it back for BF

  25. I think LE releases get heat in general specially now so many brands do them, say out of sock then ban "woopsies found some in the back hehehe uwu".

  26. Just fyi if you plan to wear the scarf on your hair—since it’s made of a polyester satin material, it can be very slippery and slide off your head easily if your hair has a straight or wavy texture. I can’t get mine to stay on without bobby pins or barrettes. Maybe I just have a weird head shape because I haven’t seen anyone else saying this, but fyi just in case

  27. Agreed, I don’t really get the issue with the LE releases from Glossier when essentially every other makeup company releases LE products or kits for the holidays. I supposed the only infuriating issue is that historically you can’t buy LE Glossier items individually for the holidays-I just got the Touch Up Kit and I love Cordial, but to buy myself a backup I’ll have to spend another $45 instead of buying the lip product separately. That and the holiday kits sell out very quickly, usually before most people start holiday shopping? And I guess there is the potential for someone to like a LE color/product so much it becomes a staple in their routine, but once they run out they can’t purchase the exact product again. Other than that yeah I don’t really see an issue honestly-to mitigate most of these issues I would say there are so many other companies that make the same shade or product it wouldn’t be hard to find a replacement. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. The Cranberry lip trio def became a staple for some people because at the time the shades were pretty unique in Glossier’s range—there were some similar Ultralips but no similar Gen G or lip glosses, and it’s a really flattering shade on a lot of people. They hit a home run with that color and could be making a lot of money by making it permanent or at least by having it run LE every year during the holidays, but instead people are spending that money with competitors to try to find good dupes.

  29. I saw in another post that NYX Butter Gloss in Cranberry Biscotti was a dupe, but it looks too opaque, and I have it in a different shade and the texture isn’t the same. Is it a different NYX gloss?

  30. I wish they would bring back the Play line. I got into Glossier after it was discontinued, and the products were so pretty, it's not fair!!

  31. I think Play was ahead of its time by a year or two. Thanks to Gen Z going ham with bright colors on tiktok, having a fun eye or lip look to go with your minimal base and brows is more in now than it was when Play was around. I think people were sticking closer to no-makeup makeup during the Play era, and if they brought it back I think it would do well today.

  32. I just want to scrub her face with cleanser and stop her being so shiny. It's off-putting.

  33. Maybe it’s a way to subliminally sell you her brand’s cleanser?

  34. Targets Auden brand, either high waisted or regular. I don’t exclusively wear thongs but if I do these are my choice. Good front coverage, stay in place, stretchy and comfy.

  35. I used to hate thongs but then I got the Auden cotton thongs that come in a six pack, and it changed my outlook forever. They’re so comfy and they actually fit!

  36. Lox? Maybe whoever approved this is a major fan of bagels

  37. Woodsy powdery smells more modern to me than floral powdery, if that makes sense

  38. He expects you to move in with him so he can use your money for investments and rent/utilities/expenses when his mom runs out or passes. Get out now.

  39. Gorgeous outfit, but the combo seems maybe a bit glam for dressy casual at the Grand Canyon? I’d expect to see a look like that in LA or Nashville. Tan boots might suit the occasion a bit better, unless you’re going for glam vibes

  40. I bought a dress on sale that was $100 full price, so I thought it would be higher quality than the cheap fast fashion stuff I usually get, but the fabric is a cheap-feeling polyester, the seams are serged, and the hem of the dress has a serged rolled edge. Why should I spend 2-3x the price on “nice” clothes when it’s the same cheaply-made plastic I’d be getting from a fast fashion shop?

  41. There are a few routes you could go: if you want lasting effects for cheap, you can buy castor oil and apply to your brows with a spoolie brush. If you want something you can do temporarily for just one day, every day, and easily take off if you don’t like the look, you can use makeup. I would recommend a tinted brow gel in a blonde shade for the most natural effect, since a pencil or pomade might look like makeup and that may not be the effect you want. If you’re fine with the amount of hair and you just want them darker, you can tint them at home with beard dye or have them professionally tinted as a salon (more expensive but probably worth it to avoid at-home mistakes). Personally I’d recommend trying the tinted brow gel first just to confirm that you do actually like the look

  42. I think it comes from a place of fear—fear of regaining the weight. It’s almost like they’re trying to ward it off and dissociate themselves from it by fat shaming others, or like they’re trying to remind themselves not to fall into old habits.

  43. that's probably it thank you! but on the internet it looks pinkish, mine looks orange. is it maybe a flanker to it and something else??

  44. It could simply be an older bottle. Perfumes tend to yellow over time, and I’ve got a bottle of Mon Guerlain that stared out with pink juice in 2017 and is definitely now more of a salmon or peach color

  45. Yeah I know that about blushes. It’s normally easier to get a matte blush from a higher end brand. I couldn’t test any products in the store so it was a calculated risk.

  46. The shimmer is what they put in it to give it the “glowy” finish. I avoid products called things like “radiant” and “glowy” if I don’t want shimmer in it

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